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Best Medical Interpreter Alternative for 2024

Are you a healthcare provider looking for the best alternative to medical interpreter services? You’re not alone.

And while it has become commonplace for healthcare providers to give hiring preference to bilingual employees, the dependence on staff’s bilingual capabilities to service LEP (limited English proficient) patients causes many clinicians, nurses and doctors to be stretched thin. 

Top providers are even hiring interpreters as full-time employees in parts of the US where there are particularly large populations of Spanish speakers. However, if you cannot seem to find enough bilingual workers or simply can’t justify hiring full-time medical interpreters, we have a simple medical interpreter solution for you that doesn’t involve telephonic interpreting.

Pairaphrase is a premium speech-to-speech translator app, and it’s your best medical interpreter alternative option. Here’s why.

Why Pairaphrase is the Best Alternative to Medical Interpreters

1. Convenient Speech Translator for Medical Teams

Pairaphrase is the best alternative to medical interpreters because of its convenience. Your healthcare organization can get its entire team up-and-running on this speech-to-speech translator app quickly with almost no learning curve or training. It’s easy to use for staff members of various tech competency levels. 

With Pairaphrase, there’s no need to pay for a live telephonic interpreting service for simple conversations. 

How to Use Pairaphrase as a Medical Interpreter Alternative

  1. Open the Pairaphrase app
  2. Tap “Translate Speech & Text”
  3. Choose source language and target language
  4. Press the mic icon and speak
  5. Edit voice recognition result (if necessary)
  6. Press translate
  7. Pass phone or tablet to patient 
  8. Repeat steps 3-6

See how it works in the video below!

2. Flexibility

Another reason Pairaphrase is the top medical interpreter alternative is due to its various plan options that accommodate growing healthcare teams. Whether you want to purchase access in a package for a small medical practice or subscribe to an annual plan for a large team, we have you covered.

3. HIPAA-Compliant Medical Interpreter App

Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing Pairaphrase as an alternative to other medical interpreting technology is that it has undergone a HIPAA compliance audit and passed. This is rare for speech-to-speech medical interpretation apps. 

Pairaphrase is superior to using a telephonic interpreting service because when you use it, you are not sending sensitive information to another human. It keeps your data in a secure environment, which means you mitigate the risk of human error when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

4. Enterprise-Level Security 

Pairaphrase protects your conversations with enterprise-level security. While there are many security features that make Pairaphrase the best medical interpreter alternative, its superior security features include multi-factor authentication, encrypted storage (in transit, in use and at rest), as well as single sign-on.

5. Speech Transcription Editor

Its speech transcription editor is another feature that makes Pairaphrase the best medical interpreter alternative. When you use an app as an alternative to medical interpreters, you need the ability to see a transcription of your spoken words before you translate. 

Why? Voice recognition technology isn’t perfect. Therefore, you should also seek a transcription editing feature that’s built into the interface. This should be available to you prior to clicking a “Translate” button. Pairaphrase follows this logic.

6. Makes Discrete Conversations Possible

If you are a doctor, nurse or staff member tending to a patient in the presence of other parties, there are circumstances in which you might want to keep a certain part of your conversation private to you and the person you are translating for.

For instance, if you’re a doctor asking your patient an urgent personal question in the company of their visitors. 

In this type of situation, a transcription feature will prove useful. As your medical interpreter alternative, Pairaphrase gives healthcare providers the ability to translate any part of the conversation for their patient without speaking or playing the audio. Simply type instead of speaking and just show your patient the translated transcription.

7. Access Transcriptions of Doctor-Patient Conversations

When you use a standard telephonic interpreting service, you typically don’t get access to a transcript of the conversation. Because Pairaphrase produces transcriptions as part of the voice translation process and stores them securely, you benefit from secure digital paper trails of doctor-patient conversations. 

This gives clarity surrounding what exactly was communicated between the patient and doctor during bilingual conversations. It’s like having a HIPAA-compliant medical dictation app and interpreter app in one.

8. Document Translation & File Access

Pairaphrase gives you the ability to translate your documents from the mobile interface. To give context, sometimes patient-doctor conversations will involve reference to a digital file. With a document translation feature, you can quickly translate a file before, during or after your conversation. 

9. Audio Playback of Voice Translations

The ability to playback the audio of your medical translation more than once during your conversation is important. This will come in handy if you need to repeat something to the patient with whom you are speaking.

10. Downloadable Voice Recordings & Transcripts

If you want to download your voice recordings and transcripts as files or wish to use Pairaphrase as a medical dictation app, you’re in luck. Pairaphase allows you to export your chats in WAV format and download transcripts as TXT files. Having separate audio files for each turn of speaking will come in handy for situations in which you need to separate audio by speaker.

Try a 3-in-1 Medical Interpreter Alternative Today

At Pairaphrase, we developed the all-around best medical interpreter alternative.

medical interpreter alternative

This is because we’re focused on ease-of-use combined with powerful functionality to give you smart, safe and fast medical interpretations within a web-based environment. You get secure and HIPAA-compliant speech dictation, transcription and translation.

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