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Why Pairaphrase Translation Software for Multinational Companies

Pairaphrase is the top choice in translation software for multinational companies that seek to reduce costs and safeguard their data. Whether your company has already been established on a global scale and needs a better translation solution, or you seek to expand your operations worldwide, we have you covered.
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Benefits of Pairaphrase Translation Software for Global Companies

Pairaphrase is the safest, easiest and fastest cloud-based translation software for multinational companies. The following benefits are just some of the reasons why you will benefit from using Pairaphrase.

Information Security
Our secure language translation software protects your company’s data with the following technology:

translation software for global companies

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With Pairaphrase, you can rest assured that your information is kept secure. The level of security you get with our translation system is unmatched by others on the market.

translation solution for multinational enterprisesTime Savings
As a multinational organization, we understand that translation cost control is imperative. Since we know that time is money, Pairaphrase is built with robust time-saving features that will help you translate more content at a much lower cost. Our users see the time they spend on translation reduced by over 50% or more. Imagine how much more your team can achieve with that much in time savings!

The cutting-edge Pairaphrase features below will improve your translation production process immensely.

With Pairaphrase translation software for multinational companies, collaborative translations are hassle-free. Our cloud-based translation platform allows you to easily co-edit translations with colleagues across the world. What’s more, change tracking allows you to see whom made changes where. In just a click on your touchpad or tap on the screen, you can quickly share a translation with someone within your company.

Message Consistency
At Pairaphrase, we understand that communication is vital to a global company’s success. Whether you are translating standard employee training materials, marketing collateral or need to quickly translate an email from a foreign stakeholder, Pairaphrase is fast, accurate and easy.

Our language translation software for global companies will help you maintain consistency in your mission across seas, continents and countries.

Pairaphrase is not only intuitive and simple to use, it is also the best value language translation software for multinational companies. With our cloud-based translation platform, you can select from a number of plans and packages, or request a custom translation software solution.

Our time-saving features combined with unparalleled security makes our software the best choice in language translation systems for global companies. Best of all, there are no contracts involved—only a month-to-month payment. This means you can adjust your company’s plan or choose to leave at any time you wish.

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