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Foreign Language Voice-Over Translation Software

Create Foreign Language Voice-Overs in Minutes, Not Days or Weeks

Foreign language voice-over translation software is an uncommon offering in the translation market. Many companies offer foreign language voice-over, but require the hire of a human translator. The service is not instantaneous, and you might have to wait days or weeks for your voice-over to be completed. What’s more, if you need to edit your voice-over after the fact, that will be an incremental cost to your organization.

Pairaphrase addresses these issues for a market in desperate need of fast and easy voice-over translations.

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The Market for Voice-Over Translation

In our increasingly globalized economy, online education has become a tool vital to the success of organizations the world over.

Standardized training needs to be delivered to employees, value propositions need to be conveyed to new foreign markets, and missions need to be accomplished by first getting everyone on board with an idea. What’s more, online education has been successfully productized and marketers now seek solutions to globally scale e-learning.

At Pairaphrase, we understand the complexities involved with making this happen. This is why we have incorporated text-to-speech translation into our secure cloud-based translation platform.

Pairaphrase’s File Translator plays a vital role in an organization’s global expansion. Not only does it translate 24 different types of files, it also translates uploaded scripts to create voice-overs, helping your organization take global communications one step further.

Best of all, we eliminate the need for you to hire someone to produce your voice-over. Learn more about Pairaphrase’s audio output capabilities for foreign languages below.

Voice-Over Translation Software Features

While e-learning software like Articulate, Captivate and Lectora make building online courses easier than ever, producing foreign-language versions of online courses has been slow and cumbersome.

This has delayed the production of online learning videos for training, knowledge-sharing, and marketing opportunities for many multinational organizations. With Pairaphrase, users can create fast, high-quality foreign-language voice-overs in 18 languages.

foreign language voice-over translation softwareWith Pairaphrase’s voice-over translation software you get:

The voice-over capability is included with every paying Pairaphrase account.

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Voice-Over Languages Available in Our Software

With Pairaphrase, our software enables you to translate 57 languages. The audio output feature is compatible with 18 of those languages, including:

Fast & Affordable Voice-Over Translation

With Pairaphrase, training managers and e-learning developers can produce foreign-language courses faster and cheaper than ever before! No more waiting days and weeks to complete your voice-overs for online courses, whiteboard videos and audio clips.

We help you maintain the integrity of your e-learning courses by providing your users no-compromise courses in their language. Not to mention we help you improve learning effectiveness and get your teams working better.

Voice-Over Translation Software for E-Learning

Not only does Pairaphrase enable you to translate full documents and a plethora of file types, it acts as the perfect voice-over translation software for e-learning!

Upload a file containing the script that you need translated. Then, get quality audio output for your online course or tutorial. If the voice-over audio of your online tutorial needs to be updated at any point, you can reflect those changes by editing your translation. A new audio file containing the updated voice-over translation will be available for download in just minutes!

Pairaphrase enables you to take your online course or program marketing to the next level. Reach more foreign customers and globalize your course using foreign voice-overs made with Pairaphrase!

Voice-Over Translation Software for Training

Need to develop standard video training for your staff or teammates all over the world? Get everyone on the same page and create foreign language voice-overs in minutes!

Pairaphrase acts as the perfect voice-over translation software for training. Whether you’re developing a video for safety training, HR policy training or an organizational mission, our foreign language voice-over software will speed up the production time immensely.

Voice-Over Translation for Whiteboard Animations & Promotional Videos

Do you have a whiteboard animation video or promotional video that you need in a new language? Use Pairaphrase to easily create a new voice-over for that video.

Our voice-over audio feature allows you to choose from 18 different languages to work with, including the most commonly required languages for global commerce.

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Solving The World’s Translation Challenges

Pairaphrase helps global teams work smarter, faster and safer. We put advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday users. Empowering multinational organizations to communicate in every commercial language. We remain committed to solving the world’s translation challenges. We invite you to join us in this mission and our growing community by opening your own Pairaphrase account.


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