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Brochure Translation Software Features to Look for

Finding the best brochure translation software for your 2022 business needs is vital to translating brochures with consistency, efficiency and with a high quality standard. 

While the must-haves in a brochure translation application can vary based on the organization, there are some non-negotiable features that companies should always look for when choosing brochure translation software.

We’ll give you a recommended solution at the end of this post. First, here are the top 10 best brochure translation software features to help your organization achieve the most accurate translations while reducing costs and saving time.

10 Best Brochure Translation Software Features

1. Compatible Brochure Document Translator

Want to simplify the brochure translation process? Look for a brochure document translator that is compatible with all the documents your company references to create brochures. 

For example, you might use Adobe InDesign for publishing, but you source the content from a Word document, PDF, website pages or PowerPoint slides. You want brochure translation software that is compatible with the related file types.

2. All the Language Pairs You Need 

More often than not, organizations translate brochures into more than one language. While you might only need to translate a brochure into one more language for now, it’s likely you will need more language pairs as your company grows. Invest in a translation system with the languages you need and will likely eventually need.

3. Compatibility with CSV TermBase Files

Brochure text is oftentimes full of special terminology and company-approved names. This necessitates the use of a termbase glossary while translating brochures.

A termbase glossary is a bilingual (source and target) repository in TBX or CSV format. It contains specific terms and terminology that regularly appear in a company’s content. Termbases typically include product names, company names, brand names, acronyms and other repetitive terminology. That being said, Termbases are particularly useful when you translate a brochure.

Glossary management is easier and faster when you use a brochure translation application that accepts CSV termbase imports (as opposed to just TBX). Learn more about creating termbase glossaries.

4. Integrated Interactive Glossary for Translating Brochure Terminology

Once you import a glossary to your brochure translation management system, you can look up your company-approved terms while editing and reviewing machine-translated brochures. This helps you to maintain consistency and comply with company policy around terminology use. 

Furthermore, some systems will automatically replace terms in the translation for you. For example, Pairaphrase now allows users to also insert glossary terms into the text during a term lookup. This enhances productivity within the human translation workflow while improving the quality and consistency of translations.

5. Translate a Brochure & Reuse the Text

You’ll find that the best brochure translators include translation memory.

A translation memory consists of sentences, phrases and segments that have been translated from one language into another, and it is stored on a server for future reuse. Since you will be reusing brochure text as your brochure is periodically revised, it is important to utilize translation memory. 

Translation Memories can deliver nearly-instant quality improvements and reduce translation costs and effort.

6. Translate Brochures Online

When you assess brochure translation software programs, you will find yourself wanting web-based access. Producing multilingual brochures in the cloud gives you more flexibility and seamless access from anywhere. Translating on a web-based platform will give you more uptime and make it easy for you to collaborate with colleagues on brochure translation projects. 

7. Collaborative Translation

Translation collaboration is easy when your brochure translation software offers features such as permissions-based sharing, translation tracking, Slack-like instant messaging and bookmarking. 

You’ll enjoy the fact that everyone who has permission can see the same version of the translated file. This will help you move away from email attachments and eliminate confusion regarding file versions.

8. Brochure Translation Software API

If your company likes to integrate its software systems with each other, opt for a brochure translation app that gives you robust API access. Furthermore, look for an api that provides translation memory integration so that you can reuse your translations. 

Share the app’s API documentation with your IT team to connect the brochure translator to your company’s CMS and more to deliver up-to-date, real-time translations.

9. Automatic File Formatting

The best translation software for brochures will include automatic file formatting capabilities. 

This is because brochures are often image-heavy with carefully-designed layouts. Automatic formatting allows you to translate your file while retaining much of the formatting. Otherwise you can lose all the spacing, images, graphics and layout. It’s not a perfect technology, but it can save you hours of time on translating brochure documents that need to remain publishable.

10. Enterprise Security

When you find the best brochure translation software for your company, look for enterprise security features such as multi factor authentication (MFA) and make sure the software supplier regularly performs penetration testing and vulnerability scans. After all, you need to safeguard your company’s data.

Wondering how to find the best brochure translation application with all these capabilities? Try Pairaphrase. It’s a web-based translation management system for enterprises who value safer, smarter and faster translation.

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