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Affordable & Secure Translation Software for Government Agencies

Pairaphrase offers cutting-edge translation software for government agencies and contractors that require a high level of security. Working within a tight budget, agencies and multinational organizations find Pairaphrase to be unparalleled in data security, time-saving features and flexibility.

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Save Time & Cut Costs for Your Agency

Pairaphrase delivers a high-value translation solution that is affordable and strongly justifiable regardless of budget changes.

Our users report time savings of more than 50% while producing translations, drastically reducing their costs. Our translation software for government agencies offers the following time-saving features, plus more:

translation software for government agencies secure

Safeguard Your Agency’s Data

Our software employs SSL-certified HTTPS protocol combined with SHA-2 and 4096-bit encryption to protect your agency’s users and their data, documents and translations. Payment information is protected with PCI-compliant payment processing.

When you adopt our cloud-based translation software, your agency doesn’t need to worry about data breaches or privacy concerns. Confidential information is kept safe with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and more security features.

Take a look at the technologies that we employ to protect your data from security breaches:

Unlike many other translation systems, Pairaphrase never indexes the data of its paid users. You have 100% control over your data and it is only accessible by your organization, by authorized users you designate. We scrub our software tools clean of your data and you have the ability to permanently delete the translation memories you store in your translation memory.

Pairaphrase’s unmatched security standard is one of the many reasons why local, state and federal agencies can trust our cloud translation platform over others.  Translate government documents and more with peace of mind.

Pairaphrase Customization

Need a customized translation solution for your government agency? We have you covered. Pairaphrase can customize a plan for you that suits your needs. Contact us for a quote.

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