Pairaphrase Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Our Cloud-Based Translation Software

Logging In

  • If I purchase a subscription to Pairaphrase, when can I start to use it?

    Once you have created an account, you will receive an email with your online login details. Within minutes of verifying your account information, you can be translating your first project!

  • What does “cloud-based” mean?

    Pairaphrase is a web based TMS (translation management system) and a CAT (computer assisted technology) tool.  The software runs on Amazon servers and you access it via a web browser (in the cloud).  As long as you have an internet connection, you can access Pairaphrase wherever you are.

    This means that our cloud-based translation software does not require a download and does not live on your hard drive, removing the need to manually deploy a program. This type of platform allows companies to opt for a custom URL to access their translations across the organization. Cloud-based translation software allows translation collaboration to become more powerful.

  • What devices can I use to access my Pairaphrase account?

    Because Pairaphrase is cloud-based, you can easily access your Pairaphrase account on mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Your Subscription

  • How much is a monthly subscription?

    Pairaphrase offers a basic subscription, featuring 1,000 words free each month. We have various plans available to cater to your organization’s specific needs. See full price list.

  • What is included in the price?
    • Access to Pairaphrase for the specified number of users for the agreed period.
    • The ability to translate documents to the specified maximum number of words.
    • Live technical support: We provide world class telephone and email support Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. We provide free training and live human technical support for every user. We’re here to help you get the most from your Pairaphrase account. When you need help, you can reach us by phone, email and Twitter.
    • Server maintenance: Another benefit of our cloud-based translation software is that we take care of server maintenance. You do not need to worry about that.

    All plans include:

    • Confidentiality: your data never gets indexed by search engines. Your information remains safe and secure.
    • Collaboration: share translations with colleagues
    • Translation memory: you will never have to translate the same sentence twice! Learn more about how translation memory works.
    • Online translation editing
    • Automatic formatting of InDesign, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office files and other file formats
  • How can I pay for my Pairaphrase subscription?

    You can pay for your Pairaphrase subscription online using a credit card, debit card, ACH eCheck.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or eCheck.

Word Quantity & Upgrades

  • Can I carry my unused words on to the next month?

    Yes! Any words not used will carry over to the next month.

  • Can I purchase more words?

    Yes! You can purchase additional words by logging on and going to the “Get More Words” tab.

  • How do I get free words?

    You can earn free words for your account by sharing Pairaphrase with friends, and liking us on Facebook.

  • How can I upgrade my subscription to Pairaphrase?

    You can upgrade the subscription at any time by logging on and going to the “Get More Words” tab.  Any unused months of your existing subscription will be refunded.


  • Is there a minimum period for a subscription to Pairaphrase?


  • Can I cancel my subscription to Pairaphrase?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Payment Security

  • Does Pairaphrase store my credit card or ACH information?

    Pairaphrase does not store credit card or ACH information.  Credit card and ACH information is stored by a third-party merchant services company – Stripe. Stripe uses multiple third-party security companies to ensure that the security of its customers is always meeting the strictest of industry security standards. All of Stripe’s communications and processing occur through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). To ensure an even higher level of security, Stripe uses 1024-bit SSL encryption with all of its transactions.

    Stripe realizes that the theft of lists or databases in which credit card information is stored can have dire consequences for merchants and their customers. With this in mind, in the Stripe system, each credit card number is stored individually, making it impossible to steal an entire list or database full of sensitive data. Credit card numbers can only be viewed on an individual basis by unlocking or decrypting each one. If a card number is needed, the requested number is decrypted and unparsed from the system, a process that takes only a few seconds. Stripe’s non-database system provides the highest possible level of security for credit card data and ACH storage.

Data Security

  • How is my data secured with Pairaphrase?

    At Pairaphrase, we employ data security best practices to secure your data within our cloud-based translation software.  We use a multilayered approach to user security. We only store your user id, password and content stored in Translation Memories. Our platform uses a secure SSL certified HTTPS protocol during the translation process. Your login credentials guarantee that only you or other authorized users in your organization can access your company’s Translation Memories. No other Pairaphrase client has access to your data. Security and confidentiality are at the heart of Pairaphrase services and technology. Pairaphrase features:

    • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
    • 256-bit SSL certification
    • Encrypted file storage via Amazon S3
    • PCI-compliant payment processing via PaySimple*
    • Translation datacenters are SSAE16 SOC1 and ISO27001 compliant and comply with Safe Harbor principles via Microsoft
    • Two-step authentication
    • Private cloud and onsite hosting option available

    *PaySimple is a product of USAePay

  • Is it safe to translate in Pairaphrase?

    Our cloud-based translation software has the highest standards in security. The content you submit to have translated is never indexed, saved or published by any search engines. When you use the Translation Wizard to translate small chunks of text, Pairaphrase scrubs the application clean of that content when you leave the page. When you translate a document or other electronic file your translations are stored in Translation Memories that are unique to your organization. Similar to credit card payments, we use a secure SSL certified https protocol during the translation process. Your login credentials guarantee that only you or other authorized users in your organization can access your company’s Translation Memories. No other Pairaphrase client has access to your data.

    What’s more, Pairaphrase is secure document translation software. This means that you can upload your confidential files for translation and rest assured that they are safe from anyone’s eyes but yours—or authorized users in your organization.

  • Are Translation Memories shared?

    Translation Memories are only shared with others within an organization. Users must have the same email domain (@example.com) to share translation memories with other users in their own organization. Only users with the same domain name will get the same translation experience.

    Learn more about Pairaphrase translation software with data security.

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Supported Browsers & Files

  • What browsers are supported by Pairaphrase?

    Pairaphrase can be accessed on the following platforms and browsers:


    •         Internet Explorer 9+
    •         Firefox 5+
    •         Chrome 24+
    •         Edge

    Mac OS:

    •         Safari 6+
    •         Firefox 5+
    •         Chrome  24+


    •         Safari 6+
    •         Firefox for Android 23+
  • What files can I translate through Pairaphrase?

    Pairaphrase can translate 22 file formats including:

    • Word (.docx)
    • Excel (.xlsx)
    • PowerPoint (.pptx)
    • HTML
    • XML
    • Adobe InDesign (IDML)
    • Autocad (.dxf)
    • JPG (scanned text)
    • PNG (scanned text)
    • Visio (.vsd)
    • PDF
    • Resource files (.strings)
    • JSON (.json)
    • Portable Objects (.po)
    • Plain Text (.txt)
    • SRT (Youtube subtitles)
    • SUB (Youtube subtitles)
    • Xliff
  • Can I use my existing Translation Memories with Pairaphrase?

    Yes, you can upload your own translation memories to Pairaphrase in .tmx format.

Translation Framework & Process

  • How does Pairaphrase generate translations?

    Pairaphrase uses Microsoft Translator, Translation Memory and a powerful algorithm to produce translations in 50 languages. Microsoft Translator is built on more than a decade of natural-language research at Microsoft. Rather than writing hand-crafted rules to translate between languages, modern translation systems approach translation as a problem of learning the transformation of text between languages from existing human translations and leveraging recent advances in applied statistics and machine learning.

    A Translation Memory (also known as a TM) is a bilingual content management system that store text as “segments,” which can be sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list) that have previously been translated, in order to aid human translation. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units.” Translation Memories contain only two languages; a “source” language and a “target” language. Pairaphrase can create over 2,000 translation memories on your behalf. Pairaphrase uses an in-house designed algorithm to generate the highest-quality translations from machine translation and client specific translation memories.

  • What is Translation Memory?

    Translation Memory (TM) can best be described as a bilingual content management system. Translation Memory was first developed in the 1980’s and is used by almost every translation company to produce translations. Translation Memory allows users to “translate once and reuse many times.” Translation Memory is embedded into Pairaphrase and works in the background anytime you translate a document or electronic file.

  • How is Pairaphrase different from most TM software?

    With Pairaphrase you can automatically create over 2,000 translation memories and work with more than 50 languages. Typical Translation Memory software is complicated and not user friendly. With other translation software platforms, individual licenses can cost as much as $2,500.00 per user. Pairaphrase puts Translation Memory technology into the hands of all its users without any added investment or learning curve.

    These benefits, in addition to our innovative cloud-based translation software features, make Pairaphrase the #1 choice in language translation software.

  • Can I import and export Translation Memories?

    You can easily upload translation memories in .tmx format from other popular translation memory applications. Just as easily, you can download your Pairaphrase translation memories in .tmx format and import them into other translation memory systems. You have complete access to your company’s translation memories 24/7/365 a year.

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