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Solving the World’s Translation Challenges

Helping global teams work smarter, faster, and safer.

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Pairaphrase is the answer for your organization’s translation needs while keeping your documents and communications secure and confidential.

Pairaphrase File Formats for Translation

Helping Global teams work smarter, faster and safer.

Making online translation safe

Pairaphrase never shares or indexes your data. Pairaphrase is a critical feature of your online risk management strategy. Stay safe while translating with Pairaphrase!

Transforming how you produce translations

Pairaphrase simplifies how you produce translations. No more cut & paste and never translate the same sentence twice. We’ve even eliminated the confusing toolbar.

Amazing technology that you don’t need to learn

Pairaphrase puts powerful translation technologies in the hands of everyday users. Users don’t need to spend hours learning how to use Pairaphrase features.

No more waiting for a translation

Translations that used to take days and weeks can be done in seconds and minutes with Pairaphrase. Collaborate better with colleagues across the globe.

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Translate anywhere and on any device

Translation is simple with Pairaphrase. Upload files or cut & paste your text into the translation wizard. Produce translations with just a few clicks of your mouse or touchpad.

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