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Why Pairaphrase Translation Software for NGO’s

Pairaphrase translation software for NGO management and non-profit organizations will play an integral role in your mission whether at home or abroad. Whether you seek to expand your mission on a global scale, need help communicating with your local community, or are unsatisfied with the shortcomings of your current translation software, Pairaphrase has you covered.
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Benefits of Pairaphrase Translation Software for NGO Management

Information Security
Our secure language translation software protects your non-profit’s data with the following technology:

translation software for ngo's and non-profits

With Pairaphrase, your organization’s information is kept safe and secure. This is especially important when you deal with sensitive issues in this age of cybersecurity threats.
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Message Consistency
Multilingual communication is a vital part of your NGO’s success. Whether you are communicating safety or heath information, fundraising internationally, organizing your teams in other countries or in need of multilingual support to raise awareness in your local communities, Pairaphrase helps you get the message out.

Pairaphrase translation software for non-profits, NGO’s and INGO’s makes it easy to create consistent communication materials in various languages. This includes fundraising letters, awareness documents, training materials and much more.

Time Savings
Pairaphrase comes with various time-saving features. In fact, our users claim that Pairaphrase has improved their translation production time by more than 250%. Imagine how much more you can get done with that much time savings!

The Pairaphrase features below are game-changers in translation production.

Collaborate with Colleagues Globally
With Pairaphrase, collaborative translations are safe, easy and done in real-time. Our cloud-based translation platform allows you to easily co-edit translations with colleagues. With change tracking, you can see whom made changes where. Best of all, you can quickly message and share a translation with someone within your organization without leaving the Pairaphrase interface.

Pairaphrase is not only intuitive and simple to use, but it is also the best value language translation software for NGO management. With our cloud-based translation platform, you can select from a number of plans.

Our time-saving features combined with unparalleled security makes our software the best choice in language translation systems.

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