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Making Online Translation Safe

Pairaphrase online translation management software uses high-level security to protect your data. We never share or index your information, and your documents & translations are encrypted. See for yourself how Pairaphrase will be an integral part of your online risk management strategy with our free online translation management software demo.

Transforming How You Produce Translations

Pairaphrase simplifies how you produce translations. Use our Translation Wizard for shorter snippets of text, or upload a document or translate multiple file types simultaneously—no cut & paste necessary! Our online translation management software eliminates the need for you to ever translate the same phrase twice.

Amazing Technologies You Don’t Need to Learn

Pairaphrase puts powerful translation technologies into the hands of everyday users, without the confusing toolbar and cluttered interface. Users don’t need to spend hours learning how to use Pairaphrase features.

No More Waiting for a Translation

Translations that used to take days and weeks can be produced in seconds and minutes with Pairaphrase. Our cutting-edge software enables you to translate multiple documents simultaneously, get automatic file formatting and spell-checking, and produce quick voice-overs in foreign languages.

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