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Making Online Translation Safe

Secure Language Translation Software

secure document language translation softwareSecure language translation software is a critical component of any global organization’s risk management strategy.

When you pay for Pairaphrase, your data is kept confidential. We will never share or publish your data, nor will we ever index your content in search engines. You can count on Pairaphrase to keep your content confidential and secure.

Pairaphrase offers flexible plans to accommodate your organization’s specific needs.

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What a Data Breach Could Mean for Your Company

Free online translation software can out your organization at risk. A single data breach costs more than any Pairaphrase subscription. Provide your organization a safe and secure translation system that addresses your organization’s need for data security and confidentiality. Pairaphrase’s secure document language translation software should be part of every organization’s of your online risk management strategy.

Securing Your Personal Information

Pairaphrase users are protected with high-level protection features. We use SSL encryption, two-step authorization, Single Sign-on and other security features to keep you and your organization safe.

What’s more, Pairaphrase does not share your personal information with third parties. The communication that you receive from us will always pertain to Pairaphrase and your translation projects, as well as important to-know-information about using Pairaphrase. All information provided, other than credit card or ACH, is stored securely within Pairaphrase.

There are extra precautions you can take to protect your personal data online when you use any platform. Here are a few tips:

How Our Secure Translation Platform Protects You

Our secure document language translation software uses certified HTTPS protocol Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) encryption on all web and application pages where personal information and translations are entered, performed and stored.

This includes our Translation Wizard for quick copy & paste translations, as well as when you translate files with our File Translator. You should ensure that you use SSL-enabled browsers to further protect the confidentiality of your data.

Your content is never indexed, saved or published by any search engines or shared with anyone. When you use the Translation Wizard to translate small sections of text, Pairaphrase scrubs the application clean of that content when you leave the page.

When you use Pairaphrase to translate a document or other electronic file, only the translations you edit are stored in Translation Memories that are unique to your organization. These are only accessible to designated members of your organization. You can delete Translation Memories and Documents at any time. You can find more information about Translation Memories here.

Your login credentials guarantee that only you or other users within your organization can access your company’s Translation Memories. Administrators can restrict Translation Memories by groups and departments. No other Pairaphrase client has access to your data.

Pairaphrase Security Features


Our secure document language translation software protects your data with the following technology for paying users:

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Pairaphrase helps global teams work smarter, faster and safer. We put advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday users. Empowering multinational organizations to communicate in every commercial language. We remain committed to solving the world’s translation challenges. We invite you to join us in this mission and our growing community by opening your own Pairaphrase account.


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