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How to Translate an IEP Document [2024]

Translating IEP documents into Spanish or another language on behalf of your school? Think twice before you use online translation services or free tools.

Individualized Education Programs (or Plans) are legal documents that contain sensitive student information regarding special needs. This calls for confidential and secure translation of IEP documents, which you can’t always count on with free online translators.

Additionally, IEP forms themselves may require periodic changes, which calls for a translation solution that remembers your previous translations. 

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This will make it easier than ever to create multilingual IEP forms, translate IEP documents and communicate with Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents regarding their child’s learning plan. 

Here’s how to translate an IEP document securely with Pairaphrase (the fast, secure and smart translation software for schools).

6 Steps for Secure Translation of IEP Documents

1. Create a Pairaphrase Account

Pairaphrase was built with accessibility and ease of use in mind. That’s why we make it fast and easy to get started with IEP document translation. First, get a plan or package here.

You are welcome to schedule a demo first if you want to speak to a Pairaphrase representative.

2. Log in to Pairaphrase

Once you create your Pairaphrase account, the next step in IEP translation is to log in. When you do this for the first time, fill out your User Profile with the correct information. Please note you will need to input a cell phone number for authentication purposes. 

We will never share data or personal information.

3. Upload the IEP Document or Form

After you log in, upload the IEP document. Just select your Source Language & Target Language and click “Choose Files.” 

If you need to translate multiple IEP documents into the same language, you can upload these at the same time to translate them all at once. This way, you won’t need to perform this step multiple times.

4. Translate IEP Document

After you select the IEP documents, click “Translate.” You will automatically arrive at a screen with a list of all your Active Files. 

When the Status column says “Draft” next to your document, it is ready for any IEP translation edits you want to make. Click the name of the file to move to the next step and/or retrieve the translated IEP document.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

5. Edit the Translation

Once you click the file name, the Pairaphrase interface will display the IEP’s text separated into side-by-side segments. You can make edits to the translated segments and save the edited segments to your translation memory for reuse. 

The following video demonstrates the flexibility and tools available to you in the Translation Editor:

6. Download the IEP Translation

To retrieve the full translation of the IEP document, select “Download Translation” from the “Actions” menu.

How to Translate an IEP Collaboratively

To translate IEP documents collaboratively, you can invite colleagues to edit the document.* 

Say you want to translate an IEP into Spanish, and there are some segments that need a higher quality Spanish translation. In this case, you can invite a Spanish-speaking colleague to perfect the translation. If the segments are edited, the improved translation can be saved for future use so you never need to translate the same phrase, sentence or paragraph twice. 

Pairaphrase makes this possible using machine learning and translation memory.

*Your Pairaphrase account Admin must first add these users to your school’s Pairaphrase account.

Then, just share the file with the user you want to collaborate with. You can tag them in an instant message within Pairaphrase to chat about the project.

Why Use Translation Memory to Translate IEP Documents?

A translation memory is a bilingual repository that consists of sentences, phrases and segments that have been translated from one language into another. Translation Memories can deliver nearly-instant quality improvements and reduce translation costs and effort, especially for IEP documents. 

Learn about Translation Memory in the 2-minute video below.

Get Started with Pairaphrase

Now that you know how to translate an IEP document in 6 simple steps, get started with Pairaphrase. It’s the AI-powered translation management system for teams who value safer, smarter and faster translation in a web-based environment.

Plus, it performs file translation for 22 different file formats!

What’s more, Pairaphrase has a speech-to-speech translator app that can help you translate IEP meetings in person.

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Schedule a demo or share this article with a colleague.



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