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Who Uses Pairaphrase

The Translation Solution for Enterprises & Sensitive Data

translation solution for enterprisesWhile Pairaphrase is used by various types of multinational organizations across the world, it is best known as the choice translation solution for enterprises in industries that work with highly sensitive data. Some examples of these industries are healthcare, legal, financial services, government, non-profit organizations and more.

With Pairaphrase, we built our software from the ground up with a high level of security that comes standard with every paid account. Plus, we make available additional options to help your organization take its translation security to the next level.

Pairaphrase Security vs. Other Enterprise Translation Solutions

For many enterprise translation solutions, security comes as an afterthought. Or worse—it’s never addressed until a breach occurs.

Pairaphrase is highly aware of the security gaps found in many translation solutions for enterprises. This is why we approach online translation with a keen focus on security. After all, the translation process involves uploading documents and confidential information into a system. If that system isn’t secure, you’re putting your organization, its employees and clients at risk.

Pairaphrase protects you with a plethora of security features unheard of in this capacity within other translation solutions:

translation software for healthcaretranslation software for healthcare

In addition to this, Pairaphrase removes all traces of a paid user’s translations from the tools within its software platform. While your translation memories are stored within your own privately accessible memory bank, you have the option to permanently delete those at any time at your own discretion.

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How Pairaphrase Benefits Enterprises in Various Industries

Explore how our translation solution for enterprises protects confidential information while allowing companies to operate within a multilingual setting for various industries below.

translation solutions for enterprisesForeign Language Translation Software for Healthcare

When your organization is in healthcare, we understand that remaining in compliance with HIPAA is of utmost importance. Whether you choose Pairaphrase for the privacy of your patients or the protection of your technology, Pairaphrase helps you maintain good standing.

Learn more about translation software for healthcare and how Pairaphrase will help.

translation solution for companiesForeign Language Translation Software for Financial Services

We understand that data privacy is of critical importance for financial services firms. Within this highly regulated industry, choosing software that takes SOX and data safeguarding seriously is essential to remaining in good standing with the law.

Learn more about translation software for financial services and how Pairaphrase helps you remain legally compliant while maintaining flexibility in a multilingual setting.

translation solution for big businessForeign Language Translation Software for Legal Firms

Whether you’re concerned about the security of sensitive case information or clients’ intellectual property, we understand what’s at stake while operating a legal firm or your own practice.

Learn more about translation software for legal firms and how Pairaphrase protects the data of firms and self-practicing attorneys so that you can practice law safely within a global setting.

translation solution for enterprise companiesForeign Language Translation Software for Government Agencies

With the rapidly growing threat of cyberattacks, government agencies are under more pressure for data security than ever before. At Pairaphrase, we have taken every measure to ensure our platform provides the highest standard in data privacy.

Learn more about translation software for government agencies and how Pairaphrase will be an integral part of your agency’s risk management strategy.

Foreign Language Translation Software for INGO’s, NGO’s & Non-Profit Organizations

Operating a non-governmental or non-profit organization brings about many circumstances in which powerful and secure translation support is needed. Sensitive issues, limited budgets and time constraints make it necessary for you to have access to a safe, easy and time-saving translation system. This especially applies to international NGO’s and non-profits.

Learn more about translation software for non-profit organizations and how Pairaphrase’s secure, collaborative translation software platform will help your organization achieve success in its mission.

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