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translation software for schools

Translation Software for Schools

Secure Solution for Multilingual School Documents

In today’s learning environment, translation software for schools must be secure, accessible online and easy to use. Pairaphrase is the perfect application for translating school documents.

What Types of Schools Use Pairaphrase?

Public schools, private schools and training institutes all benefit from using Pairaphrase’s AI-powered translation management system. K-12, Montessori, charter schools, universities, technical institutes, e-learning development companies and beyond use Pairaphrase to achieve efficient, secure translations.

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Why Translate School Documents with Pairaphrase?

Reuse School Document Translations

While many school documents are used repeatedly year after year, school policies and forms can change as new academic years begin. Pairaphrase saves you time and money by storing and reusing your previous translations in translation memories, so you don’t need to retranslate the full document, you only translate the new text.

Online & Accessible

Pairaphrase is a web-first translation platform. This means virtual access isn’t an afterthought as it’s built right into our DNA. Whether your users work from home or have a hybrid schedule, they can easily switch between desktop computers and distributed laptops or tablets and smartphones fluidly with no interruption.

Secure & Confidential

At Pairaphrase, we understand the importance of student and parent privacy. Our language translation software for schools was originally developed with the most highly-regulated sectors in mind. Therefore, Pairaphrase uses the strictest security measures and honors confidentiality.


Translation software systems aren’t typically known for ease-of-use. That’s why we offer a school-and-admin-friendly minimalist interface without unnecessary bells and whistles you won’t use. The layout and design of our translation software for school files is built for quick adoption.

school document translation softwareDynamic Machine Learning

For school documents that can’t risk misinterpretation, you should collaborate with in-house or external translators to achieve a high-quality translation. Pairaphrase combines Dynamic Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced translation technologies to help your translator to improve machine translations.


Pairaphrase comes with productivity-enhancing collaboration tools to streamline your school system’s translation efforts. Therefore, when you collaborate on school document translation across departments, buildings and teams, you minimize the back-and-forth correspondence.

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Translate These Files & More!

  • Student learning materials
  • School policies
  • Handbooks
  • Administrative forms
  • Curriculums
  • Psychological reports
  • Speech pathology reports
  • Video and photo release permission forms
  • Field trip permission forms
  • Emergency forms
  • Health records
  • In-school care permission forms
  • School supply lists
  • Summer reading directions and lists
  • Allergy forms for special diets
  • Forms for free and reduced lunch
  • Language preference forms
  • Parent rights brochure
  • Parent contact preference forms
  • Emails and messages

school translation softwareSupported Languages

Pairaphrase supports over 100 languages and 10,000 language pairs. This diversity of languages offers schools improved flexibility and comprehension of their communication, especially for ESL (English as a Second Language) parents and students. Click here to download our full list of supported languages.

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