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Translation Software with SSL & Authentication

Why Pairaphrase Secure Translation Software

Pairaphrase translation software with SSL certificate and two-step authentication is built from the ground up to be the most secure cloud-based translation software available on the market. Unlike many other translation systems, we employ a high level for security for our users.

Read below to learn the specific security benefits of Pairaphrase, including SSL certification, two-step authentication, encryption and more.

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Benefits of Pairaphrase Translation Software with SSL & Authentication

Translation Software with SHA-2 and 2048-Bit Encryption, 256-Bit SSL Certification
When you use Pairaphrase, we encrypt all translation data that is entered, stored and performed on all pages. We use the highest standard in secure sockets layer HTTPS protocol to protect your data, no matter where you enter it into our systemtranslation software with ssl authentication.

Translation Software with Encrypted File Storage via Amazon S3
The original files you upload to Pairaphrase for translation, as well as the translated versions, are encrypted via Amazon S3 file storage. This means that all your documents are stored safely and securely, and they’re hosted outside of the platform.

Translation Software with PCI-Compliant Payment Processing via Stripe
When you use Pairaphrase, the payment information you enter is kept safe and secure. With Stripe as our payment processor, you benefit from a high standard of security that protects your credit card numbers and payment-related information outside of our platform.

Translation Datacenters are SSAE16 SOC1 and ISO27001 Compliant & Comply Safe Harbor principles via Microsoft
You get the highest standard of protection with the compliant translation datacenters we use via Microsoft. When you choose Pairaphrase, you choose software that will become an integral part of your risk management strategy.

Translation Software with Two-Step Authentication
With Pairaphrase, you get the added protection provided by two-step authentication. With this technology, you can set up your account so that additional verification is needed aside from entering your username and password. With this extra layer of protection, you can be extra confident in the safety of your account.

Translation Software with Private Cloud & Onsite Hosting Options
For organizations that need extra flexibility, we offer private cloud and onsite hosting options. At Pairaphrase, we acknowledge the need for flexibility, especially when your organization maintains certain standards for software deployment.

No Third-Party Data Sharing
Pairaphrase never shares your data or information with third parties. What’s more, we never index your data or use your data for internal purposes. Our duty to you as a user is to provide you with a completely private experience.

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Pairaphrase helps global teams work smarter, faster and safer. We put advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday users. Empowering multinational organizations to communicate in every commercial language. We remain committed to solving the world’s translation challenges. We invite you to join us in this mission and our growing community by opening your own Pairaphrase account.


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