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Best Memsource Alternative for Enterprises (2024)

Want the best Memsource alternative for enterprises? Or are you simply wondering, “Is Memsource right for my organization?” You’re in luck—plenty of good alternatives to Memsource translation software are available. 

While Memsource is a popular CAT tool, there are several reasons you might be searching for Memsource alternatives. However, consider this. Premium CAT software is a significant investment, no matter the platform. Therefore, it’s important to be clear on the exact reasons you want a better alternative to Memsource. 

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That being said, we’ll help you explore potential Memsource drawbacks and user-specific needs you might identify with. As a result, you can conclude whether an alternative to Memsource could fill these gaps. This will equip you to find the best tool for your needs. 

You’ll also see a recommendation for the best Memsource alternative for enterprises at the bottom of this page.

Note: Memsource was recently acquired by Phrase. They are now part of the Phrase Suite. 

Memsource Alternatives: Top 7 Reasons to Adopt One

1. You Want a Translation Tool Designed Specifically for Enterprise Users

Would you prefer to use translation software with features designed specifically for enterprise users? If your answer is yes and you don’t work at a translation agency, you might want an alternative to Memsource for this reason alone. 

Memsource is a good translation tool for professional translators and translation companies. While they offer an enterprise version, many features are geared toward client project management and working with professional translators (e.g. client project submittal, white labeling, price quote tool, etc.)

2. Alternatives to Memsource Might Have a Shorter Learning Curve

One of the top reasons you might seek a Memsource alternative is the learning curve. If your team needs to quickly get up and running on a translation platform, the key is ease-of use and easy onboarding. Fast user adoption isn’t possible when your team needs to learn a lot about how to use the software. 

Therefore, if the Memsource solution is underutilized at your organization from the get go, this is a possible indication of a learning barrier. If this is the case, find an alternative to Memsource that’s easier to learn. In the end, your organization could realize a faster ROI.

3. You Prefer a Simple User Experience 

Memsource offers some fantastic features. However, if you prefer less buttons and a less complex user experience than the Memsource offers, this could indicate its translation management system isn’t the best fit for your organization. 

While a button-heavy translation application can appear to offer additional value for the price, it could mean you are spending more time than necessary to complete a single action. In other words, you could reduce time spent on translations with an alternative to Memsource. 

Your software should help you to  more productively and with less distractions.

4. You Won’t Use 30 Different Translation Engines

Memsource comes with 30+ machine translation engines to accommodate a wide variety of users. This is a selling point for translation agencies and freelance translators who want to invest in one translation system that covers a wide variety of preferences for their clients. 

However, if your organization wants to access the top few most popular and well-known translation engines, consider an alternative to Memsource.

5. Your Projects Don’t or Won’t Include UI Localization 

Memsource has many happy customers with large-scale localization (websites, software, apps) projects managed in-house. Some of their localization features offered include connections for version control systems, UI (user interface) design tools, and open source content management systems. 

If these localization features sound unnecessary for your organization, you might want to find a better alternative to Memsource. 

6. You Don’t Have Time for a Bunch of Different Workflows in Translation Software

If you and/or your team want to automate workflows within your translation software, Memsource will be beneficial. However, if you already use other software made for workflow management, or you simply don’t need or have time to manage multiple workflows, you might not get use out of this feature. 

7. An Alternative to Memsource Might Be More Secure

Memsource undergoes third-party penetration testing and ongoing vulnerability scans, which says a lot about its security standards. However, there are additional security measures you might want to look for as an enterprise user.

If your organization requires additional enterprise-level security measures including any of the following, you might want to clarify with Memsource or consider an alternative to Memsource. 

The following is a non-exhaustive list.*

  • HIPAA & PHI compliance
  • “No Return” to machine translation providers
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Multi-factor authentication

*It isn’t made clear if Memsource currently employs these security precautions.

Reasons To Stick with Memsource

Despite what you see here, you should do additional research on forums (such as ProZ and Quora) as well as independent review websites, to see if a Memsource alternative is truly right for your company. 

In some cases, you very well might want to stick with using Memsource for your translation needs.

After all…

  • Memsource has the core functionality offered by many CAT tools
  • It can be integrated with a variety of 3rd party apps
  • It offers a wide variety of machine translation engines

Best Alternative to Memsource

If any or all of the reasons above resonate with you, try Pairaphrase, the web-based translation management system for enterprises. It’s a top Memsource alternative powered by AI. 

Specifically, its easy-to-use interface requires little to no learning curve and focuses on providing the best experience for only the most important translation features for your organization.

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