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Translate PDF Files & Reuse Translations

Translating PDF’s just got better! Pairaphrase language translation software for PDF files is the best online PDF translator tool for business. Efficiently translate entire PDF documents, post-edit the translations and store your translations for reuse!

Developed for enterprises who collaborate with human translators, Pairaphrase is the fastest and most intuitive platform for all your PDF translation needs.

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Get Better PDF Translation with Pairaphrase

Enhance Your Productivity

You shouldn’t accept anything less than the best translation software for PDF files. Every software program you use should enable you to work faster and smarter. It should never slow you down or keep you at status quo. Pairaphrase is a productivity enhancer that will help you and your team drastically reduce hours worked on translation.

Intuitive User Interface

When you use our PDF translator, you benefit from a clutter-free user interface that minimizes the amount of steps it takes to complete one action. It was developed from the ground up to be intuitive and powerful, eliminating the need for a cumbersome toolbar.

Dynamic Machine Learning

Pairaphrase gives you access to technology that professional translators use to speed up their PDF translations and deliver continuous quality improvements. Dynamic Machine Learning leverages AI to help you achieve high-quality translations that you can reuse.

Efficient Collaboration

Translation is rarely a one-person job. It often takes a team effort to develop high-quality translations. When you use Pairaphrase, you benefit from a host of collaboration features designed to save you time and streamline project management.

Translate PDF, Keep the Formatting

While no PDF translator will preserve all the formatting of your PDF, Pairaphrase strives to provide the best automatic formatting experience available on the market. Pairaphrase reduces the time you spend on manual formatting and layout adjustments after translation.

Secure PDF Translator Softwarepdf translator

With Pairaphrase, you can translate PDF files online without worrying about your data.

Security and confidentiality are part of our core values. When you translate PDF documents, we do not store, index or sell your data to any third parties. Your data is yours alone.

Wherever you enter your data in Pairaphrase, we scrub the translation application clean after you are done translating. Any translation memories that are created and stored in your account are completely in your control, which means you can permanently delete these at any time you wish.

What’s more, the files you upload for translation in Pairaphrase are encrypted through Amazon S3 file storage. While you use our web-based application, you also get the protection of secure sockets layer (SSL) HTTPS protocol and multi factor authentication. All this, plus more.

Need to Translate a Scanned PDF Document? Watch This First.

Scanned document PDF files can be tricky to translate, unless they’re optimized beforehand. Watch the video below to learn how to do so before uploading a scanned document (or image) to Pairaphrase. Trust us, this will save you a ton of time!

Start Translating PDF Files

Pairaphrase supports more than 100 languages and 10,000+ language pairs. This includes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and more.

This diversity of languages combined with the power of AI and enterprise security offers your company greater scalability, accuracy and safety when it comes to online PDF translation software.

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