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Pairaphrase for Automotive File Translation

Like a quality vehicle, automotive translation software should be safe, reliable, intelligent, efficient and easy-to-use. We built these qualities into Pairaphrase to make it the best application for translating automotive files. Take Pairaphrase for a test drive today.

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Who is Pairaphrase for?

Many types of automotive companies choose Pairaphrase as their web-based translation management system. Whether you’re an auto manufacturer, OEM, a global repair & maintenance services provider or a marketing firm working on behalf of a transportation company, your business will benefit from developing efficient and secure translations with Pairaphrase.

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Why Translate Automotive Documents with Pairaphrase?

Reuse Translated Text

For many technical automotive documents, 90% of the text doesn’t change from year to year. The remaining 10% requires frequent revisions. Pairaphrase saves and reuses your previous translations––so you never translate a full document repeatedly. Save time and reduce costs.

Automotive Terminology Consistency

Pairaphrase makes it easy to upload a glossary and look up your company’s pre-approved automotive industry terms as you translate. With consistent language across documents, you achieve high-quality automotive translations and adhere to branding standards.

Secure & Confidential

At Pairaphrase, we value data security. Our language translation software for automotive companies was developed with the most highly-regulated and competitive sectors in mind. Rest assured that we use top security measures and honor confidentiality.

Online & Accessible

Pairaphrase is a web-first translation platform. This means virtual access isn’t an afterthought. Whether your users work from home or have a hybrid schedule, they can switch between desktop computers and distributed laptops fluidly with no interruption to your translations.

Easy to Use

Translation software systems aren’t particularly known for ease-of-use. We offer a minimalist interface without unnecessary bells and whistles your automotive company won’t use. The layout and design of our translation software for automotive files is built for quick adoption.

Dynamic Machine Learning

For automotive files that can’t risk misinterpretation, you should collaborate with specialized translators to achieve a high-quality translation. Pairaphrase has Dynamic Machine Learning, translation memory and other tools to help your translators quickly and easily improve machine translations.

Collaborative Translations

Pairaphrase comes with productivity-enhancing collaboration tools to streamline your automotive company’s translation efforts. So when you collaborate on automotive document translation across departments and teams, you minimize the back-and-forth correspondence and produce translations in less time.

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Language Support

Pairaphrase supports more than 100 languages and 10,000+ language pairs. This diversity of languages offers automotive businesses better adaptability as they support all the markets they sell vehicles in. Click below to download our full list of supported languages.


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translation software for automotive companies

The Best Language Translator for Automotive Content

Pairaphrase has the highest standards in security, functionality and user-friendliness. When it comes to translation software for automotive documents, you can rest assured you made the best choice.

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