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Speech-to-Text Translation Software: 5 Critical Enterprise Features

When you invest in enterprise speech-to-text translation software, your company deserves a premium experience that makes your business investment worthwhile. 

Converting speech to text in another language is usually required during a live 1:1 multilingual conversation. Therefore, you want a setup that is designed for the natural back-and-forth nuances of live conversation between two people. Not only should the user interface be logical, but power and simplicity should work together to provide you with an experience that gives you everything you need––and nothing that you don’t need.

That being said, here are 5 must-have features to look for in enterprise speech-to-text translation software.

5 Must-Haves in Enterprise Speech-to-Text Translation Software

1. Speech-to-Text Transcription Editor

A transcription editor is the foremost important feature in enterprise speech-to-text translation software. Since speech recognition isn’t perfect in any application, you want to make sure you can edit any misrecognized speech before you click “Translate.” 

According to one study, “Conversational speech is one of the most difficult genres for automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems to recognize, due to high levels of disfluency, non-canonical pronunciations, and acoustic and prosodic variability.” This poses a problem for professional fields in which accuracy is particularly important (e.g. medical, legal, manufacturing, etc). 

Therefore, you need the ability in the interface to edit your speech transcript before translating.

Make sure you’re provided with a section for editing the speech recognition text.

2. Conversation Storage

In business, email is a common form of conversation that conveniently provides a digital paper trail. What if your enterprise speech-to-text translation software offered the same convenience? 

We suggest opting for a voice-to-text translation application that allows you to store, access and download files for audio recordings and text transcriptions of your multilingual conversations. Whether it’s for legal or reference purposes, you won’t regret having a digital paper trail of your face-to-face discussions and agreements.

Go with an app that includes storage.

3. Language Pair Toggle

When you’re in the middle of a conversation and using enterprise speech-to-text translation software, you don’t have time to re-select your source and target languages from a dropdown list each time it’s your turn to speak. For this reason, opt for a solution that allows you the ease of tapping once to toggle between source and target languages.

voice to text translation app
A toggle for source and target language pair will save time.

4. Uptime

The whole point of using an app that delivers conversation translation on demand is to be able to use it whenever you need it instead of hiring and scheduling interpreters to be present during your conversation. After all, that’s not how business conversations always work. Oftentimes, they are spur-of-the-moment discussions. 

If your enterprise speech-to-text translation app is down, contains bugs, or requires you to manually update it, it will disrupt your workflow.

5. Security

Security is a non-negotiable requirement in enterprise speech-to-text translation software. No one should justify paying for enterprise software that doesn’t come with enterprise-level security. When you transcribe speech into text for translation, you should make sure that data is protected by security measures such as the ones mentioned in the video below.

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