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machine translation for lspsPairaphrase for LSPs

More than just an MT production solution. Generate new revenue with Pairaphrase.

Until now MT solutions have been focused solely on introducing MT into the translation process. Designed to satisfy continuous client cost and turnaround time demands. Pairaphrase does that and much more! We’ve made it easy for LSPs to offer their clients a translation platform that will generate revenue and increase the value that they provide their clients and give them a competitive advantage.
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With Pairaphrase you can:

cat tool for lsps

Connect your website to your own Private Cloud Pairaphrase with your company’s branding. Offer your client’s a safer and better alternative to Google Translate. We’ll provide technical support, you’ll get bug fixes and new features included in your LSP plan. Contact us and learn how Pairaphrase can help you grow your business and add value.

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