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Best Redokun Alternative for Enterprises (2024)

Want the best Redokun alternative for enterprise use? Or are you simply wondering, “Is Redokun right for my organization?” You’re in luck—plenty of good enterprise alternatives to Redokun are available (and secure). 

Redokun falls into the CAT tool category. However, there are several reasons you might be searching for an alternative to Redokun. That being said, you should get clear on why exactly you’re looking for a better alternative to Redokun. 

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In this post, you’ll explore potential Redokun pros and cons, as well as user-specific needs you might identify with. As a result, you can conclude whether alternatives to Redokun could fill these gaps. This will equip you to find the best tool for your needs. 

You’ll also see a recommendation for the best Redokun alternative at the bottom of this page.

Redokun Alternatives: Top 6 Reasons to Adopt One

1. Your organization requires more security than Redokun offers

Redokun takes select security precautions, but you might find cause for concern depending on your organization’s policies and standards. 

For instance, Redokun claims you have the option to delete files upon request from their live database. However, they retain backups, and it’s unclear if you have any control over the backups.* Also, it’s unclear if they perform ongoing vulnerability scans and third-party penetration testing. Additionally, there is also no claim of HIPAA compliance (important if you translate medical documents).

*Source: https://redokun.com/security

Therefore, you might consider an alternative to Redokun that offers stronger security and confidentiality. Some online enterprise alternatives to Redokun take extra steps to safeguard your data. Always check with your IT team before purchasing software.

Want secure, enterprise-level translation software made for organizations? Check out Pairaphrase.

2. Alternatives to Redokun can translate more file types

What file type does your organization most commonly translate? If it’s not “InDesign,” you should consider an alternative to Redokun. While Redokun also supports other file types, it’s optimized for translating InDesign files. Organizations that frequently translate Microsoft Office files should use the best translation software for Microsoft Office files

What’s more, if there is a file type your organization might need to translate but you don’t see it on the list below, you might want a Redokun alternative.

Source: Redokun.com

3. Your marketing team isn’t the only department that needs translations

Redokun places an emphasis on helping marketing teams with translation. This makes sense, because as mentioned above it is optimized for InDesign file translation. 

While you want the ability to translate marketing content, your organization likely has multiple departments with their own translation needs. For example, Research & Development, Human Resources, Legal, Finance or Customer Support. Most departments will commonly need translation software that is first and foremost optimized for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

4. You want to save money for your entire organization

Redokun’s pricing might be attractive at first glance, regardless of the features included (or not included) in each tier. However, as mentioned above, there are more than likely other departments in your organization that also need translation software. 

That being said, if you choose software that is primarily optimized for a marketing department (such as Redokun), you could alienate other departments. This could cause your organization to miss out on serious cost savings and the simplification of using the same software.

If you champion the effort to get your organization up and running on the same software across departments, you could score big points in the workplace. Talk to a person in your workplace who is involved with making these decisions (your supervisor, an IT manager, etc). They will more than likely appreciate and notice your efforts to save money for the organization, help other departments and take the initiative to innovate. 

5. A Redokun alternative can provide diverse machine translation engine options

What’s more, if you want to translate with Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft’s machine translation engines in addition to Google Translate, this is not possible in Redokun. You will need to look for a Redokun alternative that offers more than Google Translate and DeepL

While DeepL is a good translation engine, it’s tailored to a limited list of European & Asian languages. AWS is gaining a lot of popularity for its ability to deliver as close to human translation quality as possible in a large variety of languages. So if that’s something your company is interested in, it’s important you know that Redokun doesn’t offer AWS Translate.

6. You would like access to a translation API

Unfortunately, Redokun does not appear to offer a translation API. While they do allow you to integrate your CMS by way of an XLIFF file, that’s as much Redokun offers. 

If you want your translation software to connect seamlessly to your other systems and apps, find alternatives to Redokun that offer a robust translation API. 

Here are some of the features you should look for in an API:

  • scanned PDF support
  • dynamic machine learning
  • automatic file formatting
  • secure copy-and-paste translations
  • batch file translation
  • unlimited requests
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • encrypted file storage and translation 
  • text-to-speech or speech-to-text 

Reasons To Stick with Redokun

Despite what you see here, you should do additional research on independent review websites, to see if an Redokun alternative is truly right for your organization.

In some cases, you very well might want to stick with using Redokun for your translation needs.

After all…

  • Redokun is optimized for InDesign files
  • It offers a variety of InDesign templates, scripts & shortcuts
  • Plans start at $150 / month
  • You get a 14-day free trial

Best Alternative to Redokun

If any or all of the above reasons resonate with you for wanting an alternative to Redokun, use Pairaphrase

It’s the web-based translation management system for enterprises that supports 100+ languages and 20+ file types. Moreover, it’s secure, powerful and easy-to-use. 

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