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5 Things Pairaphrase Cannot Do For You

Pairaphrase is a web-based translation management system for enterprises. But sometimes, it attracts those who are mistaken that it will perform 100% of the traditional translation tasks, acting as a replacement for the human translation and post-editing review process.

Does this sound like you? If so, please read below to learn the 5 things Pairaphrase cannot do for you.

Pairaphrase Cannot Do These 5 Things For You

1. Generate Human-Quality Translations On Its Own

Pairaphrase does not contain a magical machine translation engine that will generate perfectly accurate, high-quality translations for you without the assistance of a human translator who post-edits your machine translations. This person is to be sourced by you as the user

While machine translation has improved significantly over the years, most translation software products are built on the same translation engine framework. Typically, it’s Microsoft Translator or Google Translate. This means the raw machine translations generated by most professional translation software products (e.g. Pairaphrase, MemoQ, Trados, etc.) will generally be of the same baseline quality–until you (or your human translator) post-edit the translations.

The differential magic within each software product exists in its level of ease of use, and the  specific tools it gives you to enhance your team collaboration and post-editing process. In the case of Pairaphrase, it’s Dynamic Machine Learning, security and the ultra-intuitive interface that reduces the manual steps you need to take to complete one action.

By no means will Pairaphrase generate human-quality, perfectly accurate translations for you. Neither will any other translation software. Instead, Pairaphrase dramatically speeds up that process for you.

2. Format Your Files Perfectly

Automatic file formatting is an imperfect technology. While Pairaphrase will encode your files in an attempt to preserve as much of the formatting as possible, sometimes encoding isn’t enough to keep every single image or paragraph in place. It’s important to set some time aside to review your downloaded translation document after post-editing.

3. Perform Flawless Scanned Document Translation

Pairaphrase cannot guarantee perfect scanned document translation.

This is because OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an imperfect technology, regardless of the translation software product you use or OCR tool you use. OCR is the technology that allows your computer to read text characters in an image file or PDF. When you upload a scanned document to Pairaphrase, OCR is automatically applied to your scanned document and your scanned document is converted to editable text–to the best of its ability.

However, the quality of the OCR’d editable text file is the #1 determiner of the quality of the translation you will receive. Therefore, you’re likely to receive a gibberish translation if your scanned document isn’t of good quality. Garbage in, garbage out.

You need to ensure the quality of your scanned document prior to uploading it to Pairaphrase. For guidelines, please watch the video below.

4. Live On Your Desktop or Server

Pairaphrase is a cloud-based translation product that exists solely on the web. It was built from the ground up as a web-first application in order to provide the most uninterrupted, efficient and flexible experience.

After all, Pairaphrase’s main goal is to enhance the productivity of its users. 

Pairaphrase’s core values include speed, intelligence and security. It has some of the strongest standards for security in the translation software industry and has undergone penetration testing and has received an attestation letter from a third-party cybersecurity firm. What’s more, Pairaphrase audits its compliance with mandates.

Therefore, on-site hosting and private cloud deployment are not available, as they aren’t typically needed.

5. Provide Human Translation Services For You

Pairaphrase is a software development company, not a language service provider (also known as an LSP). Therefore, we cannot source a human translator for you. We put all our focus on developing best-in-class SaaS products to enhance your company’s human translation process. 

Does Pairaphrase Still Sound Right For Your Enterprise?

If the answer is yes, we suggest you schedule a demo. We will walk you through the software and answer any questions you may have.

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