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Solving the World’s Translation Challenges

A web-based translation management system helping global teams work smarter, faster, and safer.

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Pairaphrase is the answer for your organization’s foreign language translation needs while keeping your documents and communications secure and confidential.

Pairaphrase File Formats for Translation

Helping Global teams translate smarter, faster and safer.

Making online language translation safe

Pairaphrase never shares or indexes your data. Pairaphrase is a critical feature of your online risk management strategy. Keep translations safe while using Pairaphrase's secure translation software!

Transforming how you produce translations

Pairaphrase simplifies how you produce translations. No more cut & paste and never translate the same sentence twice. Translate multiple documents simultaneously and keep the formatting!

Translation software that you don’t need to learn

Pairaphrase puts powerful cloud-based translation technologies in the hands of everyday users. Users don’t need to spend hours learning how to use Pairaphrase features. Get audio output for voice-over translations and more.

No more waiting for a translation

Translations that used to take days and weeks can be done in seconds and minutes with Pairaphrase. Work better with colleagues across the globe with our collaborative web-based translation management system.

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Web-based translation management on any device

Translation management is simple with Pairaphrase. With our web-based translation management system, you can upload files or cut & paste your text into the translation wizard. Produce translations in just a few clicks or taps. Translate on your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer—Mac or PC.

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What Our Users Say

Pairaphrase has increased our efficiency in seeking translations and turning round projects with speed and efficiency. The team themselves are very professional and always helpful. We would recommend to any business.

Jenn Hardcastle Digital Marketing Executive, Karndean Flooring

I use Pairaphrase on a regular basis for our company's smaller translation projects and I find the user interface very user friendly. I use the Translation tab, which provides great results that I can trust. Great product that I highly recommend.

Ed Ott Service Publications, Navistar

I really understood that Pairaphrase could provide solutions to different, multiple organizational challenges. There's basically no limit in terms of the quality of the translation. It just keeps improving day after day.

Laurent Bresson Former President, Nexteer Automotive