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Best Way to Translate an Excel File Spreadsheet

Looking for the best way to translate a Excel file spreadsheet in 2021? You should strongly consider professional translation software.

According to a Microsoft Office’s help forum about how to translate an Excel file, you can only translate one cell at a time when you use their built-in translation tool.

Can you imagine what this would look like for translating a hefty Excel workbook document? Forget about it. This would take hours of manual work.

This is why you need to consider translation software that specifically caters to enterprise needs and offers the best way to translate an Excel file.

how to translate excel document

Working on behalf of an organization, you don’t have time to put aside your normal daily tasks to translate a spreadsheet manually. This is laborious work that your manager likely has no idea will require staying late at the office every night of the week. And unfortunately, it’s probably not the last time you will be asked to produce a translated file.

What you need is a tool that saves time, and in effect saves money for your organization. Below we discuss Pairaphrase, a web-based translation management system for enterprises.

Pairaphrase is the best way to translate an Excel document, and you’re about to learn why.

best way to translate an excel spreadsheet

translate excel fileWhy Pairaphrase is the Best Way to Translate an Excel File

Pairaphrase is the best way to translate an Excel document–more than any other translation software system on the market.

This is because Pairaphrase is an online translation platform made specifically with business users like you in mind. It’s specially engineered to give you access to quick translations and cost-reducing features that improve your translation quality over time. This is all without requiring you to spend time learning the software.

The majority of Pairaphrase users are business people who need to translate bulky documents and files such as Excel spreadsheets.

Here are some specific features that make Pairaphrase the best way to translate Excel files:

Fast Batch Excel File Translation

Pairaphrase is the fastest way to translate an Excel file spreadsheet into another language. It allows you to upload an Excel spreadsheet file and receive a first draft translation of the entire file including all worksheets within seconds or a couple minutes.

Even text within the tables and charts you create within Excel spreadsheet will be translated for you.

Not only are all the Excel worksheets translated for you in one go, but you also have the ability to translate other files or documents at the same time in a single batch.

This is particularly useful for a group of files that are related to a single project (explained in more detail in the Dynamic Machine Learning section). You can choose from any of 24 different file types to upload along with your Excel document.

how to translate excel file

File Layout & Format Preservation

File layout and formatting preservation is another feature that makes Pairaphrase the best option for translating an Excel page.

When you upload your Excel spreadsheet file through many other online translation tools, you will likely encounter total formatting loss and layout displacement. 

When you use Pairaphrase, much of your image placement, line breaks, paragraph breaks and font properties (size, font type, style, etc.) are retained. This means that you save hours of work because you won’t need to reformat an entire Excel spreadsheet or workbook.

**Please note Pairaphrase automatic formatting isn’t perfect, but it will save you some time.**

translate excel document

Dynamic Machine Learning

The integration of artificial intelligence into its back-end is one of the strongest arguments for Pairaphrase being the top way to translate a Excel spreadsheet.

After you receive that quick first draft translation of your Excel spreadsheet file from Pairaphrase, you can edit the translation segments within the Translation Editor to improve the translation.

As you edit the file and save your changes, your text is stored in a bilingual central repository for future use as Translation Memories.

Translation Memories are phrases that were previously either machine-translated and human-edited or human-translated, while simultaneously stored into the system.

When you upload more documents for future translation work, the system separates your source text into segments and then searches for exact or fuzzy matches of those segments in your Translation Memories.

excel file translation

The system will present the most closely-related phrase from your Translation Memories to be used as the translation. You can then accept or modify those “matches” to be used as the translation for a segment.

As you save translations in your Translation Memories, you get more matches and the system continuously improves translation quality. This also significantly reduces your translation time and costs. Simultaneously, your edits will apply across an entire file or across a batch of files that were uploaded together.

best way to translate excel spreadsheet

It’s important to keep in mind that in order to reap the benefits of a Translation Memory system, human editing of machine translation is required.

Learn more about Translation Memory in this 2-minute video:

Translation Collaboration

When you’re translating an Excel file (or any other file for that matter), you could find yourself in need of a bilingual subject matter expert, depending on the content.

Whether this person is a colleague within your organization or a freelance translator, collaboration functionality is a must in your choice of translation software.

Conveniently, Pairaphrase offers easy, real-time collaboration. You can quickly share translated files right from the online interface. What’s more, you can invite colleagues into the platform to work on edits without needing to upgrade your plan with more seats.

You can even track user edit history by segment. So that you can avoid the  second-guessing regarding whom changed what and when.

Superior translation collaboration is another reason why Pairaphrase is the best way to translate an Excel spreadsheet.

best way to translate excel file

Translation Data Security

Data breaches are increasing exponentially, which makes data security non-negotiable when you are translating business documents such as Excel files.

Pairaphrase offers enterprise-level security to protect your translation data. Here is how Pairaphrase makes it so that your company’s information doesn’t become compromised:

  • SHA-2 and 4096-bit encryption
  • 256-bit SSL certification
  • Encrypted file storage at rest, in use and in transit via AWS
  • “No Return” to machine translation providers
  • PCI-compliant payment processing via Stripe
  • HIPAA, SOC1 and ISO27001 compliant datacenters
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security)
  • Last login date and time display in footer
  • Automatic session logoff if idle for more than 30 minutes
  • Password expires after one year
  • Auto-lock after 4 failed password attempts
  • Device authentication
  • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX
  • Single Sign-On
  • Supports secure browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari
  • Third-party security audit & assessment records

how to translate excel spreadsheet

Now that you know that Pairaphrase is the best way to translate an Excel spreadsheet, why not give it a try?

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