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6 Tips for Training Administrative Staff in School Document Translation

School document translation is one of the most important activities for overcoming language barriers with LEP parents of students. Unfortunately, administrative staff responsible for managing school translation tasks often encounter various challenges in their roles. 

These challenges can arise from a lack of guidance regarding their role in the translation process and how to make it as efficient as possible. That being said, this article will provide you with tips for successfully training administrative staff in translating school documents.

How to Effectively Train School Staff in Document Translation

Here are 6 tips for effective school employee training in document translation:

1. Identify Key Personnel

Perhaps one of the most important steps to ensure administrative staff is equipped for school document translation is to identify key individuals for training. 

Take note of who is in charge of creating the source documents in need of translation. Secondly, identify bilingual personnel who will review and edit translations. Thirdly, note who is in charge of translating and distributing documents to parents, as well as who files them.

During training, discuss the roles and responsibilities of administrative staff as it relates to the  translation process.

2. Utilize Translation Tools and Software

Evaluate various translation tools and software that can streamline the school document translation process. Then, choose a single translation software made for schools

Make sure it’s secure, accurate and easy-to-use. A simple and intuitive interface will make staff training and onboarding much easier.

Provide guidance to all key personnel on how to use the software effectively. Many software providers offer onboarding support and training resources. Utilize them!

3. Ensure Quality and Accuracy

It’s crucial to maintain a high standard of quality and accuracy, especially in school document translation. Furthermore, if your state has mandates surrounding school document translation (such as California in regards to parent notifications), this is actually a legal matter. 

Regardless, you should emphasize the importance of proofreading and quality assurance when training your school staff in document translation. Create a term base and use translation memory in tandem with machine learning. 

This will improve productivity and help your staff adhere to school-approved terminology and deliver continuous quality improvements.

4. Handle Sensitive Information with Care 

School documents can hold sensitive data. From IEP documents to school nurse records, there’s information that should be treated with care. That being said, it’s important to address the challenges of handling confidential documents with your school staff. 

Explain security measures and ethical considerations to them so the contents of these documents remain secure. We suggest you require administrative staff to keep all translation-related activities within the secure translation software you purchase.

5. Establish a Document Translation Workflow

Create an efficient document translation workflow. You should assign all key personnel to their own tasks in the workflow. Going back to #1, it will reinforce the responsibilities of each staff member for various parts of the workflow and improve collaboration.

This workflow should be on hand for every key employee to reference.

6. Establish Best Practices

Establishing a set of school document translation best practices for your staff is vital for maintaining consistent, high-quality translations. It also prevents any misunderstandings between the school system and parents.

As a result, you make the learning experience more equitable for all students. Not only that, but you’ll enhance the reputation of your school. 

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