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Power Your Apps & Enterprise Software with the Pairaphrase API

Need an enterprise translation software API to power your apps and enterprise software?

Pairaphrase is enterprise translation management software that provides unparalleled translation solutions for prevalent, unaddressed translation challenges. This, in addition to our unwavering commitment to innovation to help global teams work smarter, faster and safer, makes Pairaphrase’s translation software API the most sound choice for your organization.

Choose the machine translation engine that’s right for your users. With over 100 languages and 10,000 language pairs, the translation possibilities are endless. Watch our video below to learn about the functionality available to you in our enterprise translation software API.

At only $0.0005 per word translated, Pairaphrase is the best value for your API integrations.

Who Uses the Pairaphrase Translation API?

Our enterprise translation software API is for organizations and developers who need access to professional translation technology made easy for everyday business users. Pairaphrase is a productivity tool that makes the human translation process fast and easy using the power of machine translation and professional translation technology.

Get API Token

Sign up for a Pairaphrase account to get your token, at the link above. The Pairaphrase API is easy to integrate with powerful translation technologies that allow organizations to do more with their translations.

Pairaphrase is Secure, Scalable and Customizable

secure and confidential apiThe Pairaphrase language translation API features advanced translation technologies that provide more possibilities for organizations and developers the world over. Pairaphrase meets strict security requirements. Translations are generated and protected via SSL, SHA-2, 4096-bit encryption and then scrubbed clean, they’re not stored by Pairaphrase or any of its suppliers.

As a cloud service, Pairaphrase is easily scalable. Hosting is provided by AWS and Pairaphrase can be hosted in any AWS data center worldwide. Volume pricing is available for large volume customers.

The Pairaphrase API puts powerful translation technologies to work for you. You can pull translation from high-quality machine translation engines and your own translation memories and glossaries. You can use your content to generate translations that meet your user’s approval. Build your own UI and deliver Pairaphrase functionality the way you want.

translation apiMore than Just String Translation. Translate Web Content, Microsoft and Adobe Files

Our File Translator functionality is optimized for Microsoft and Adobe file formats and enables users to upload and translate multiple documents—and file types—simultaneously. Pairaphrase is compatible with 24 different file types for translation – all available with our API.

Whether your organization or apps frequently need to translate web content or entire PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook emails, InDesign files or scanned PDFs, this multi-file translation capability will accelerate your business. Pull translations from translation memories for better translation quality.

Advanced File Translation

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose our translation software API over other translation APIs is because you can translate entire Microsoft and Adobe files. With our File Translator functionality, users can upload and download Word, PowerPoint and Excel files for translation.

No matter which of the 24 file types a user translates, the output file will mostly preserve your formatting and all images will remain intact and retain all font properties, and attempt to match your file paragraph and line breaks. Your users will get almost perfectly formatted translation files.

Formatting a translated file is commonly quoted as one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks for organizations. This means that when you choose Pairaphrase as your translation software API, you save your organization a lot of time and money by speeding up productivity.

Secure String Translations

With Pairaphrase, our API includes String translation functionality that allows for easy export and import functionality. Pull translations from your favorite machine translation provider or from your own translation memory. Unlike other translation APIs, Pairaphrase allows users to customize and improve their translation quality.

Dynamic Machine Learning

We’ve packed the Pairaphrase API with more than just machine translation functionality. Dynamic Machine Learning is Pairaphrase’s own suite of translation technologies. Combining translation memory, TMX and TBX support and our own algorithm. Dynamic Machine Learning will help you produce better initial translation quality, translate more content and text and deliver translations in the file format you need. View our translation API calls and decide for yourself.

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Create Your Own User Interface

Your designers and developers can design and develop user interfaces that meet your user’s needs. Pick and choose from our API calls and deliver the functionality your users want. Deliver high-quality translations to your users on your terms.

Our Commitment to Support

Pairaphrase offers live human technical support. This means that when you use our enterprise translation software API, you get all of your questions answered and reliable support when you need it.  Contact us today if you have any questions.

Get Your Translation API Token

Sign up for a Pairaphrase account at the link below and get your token.

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