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API Language Codes

ar-AE : Arabic
bs-Latn : Bosnian
bg-BG : Bulgarian
ca-ES : Catalan
zh-CN : Chinese (Simplified)
zh-HK : Chinese (Traditional)
hr : Croatian
cs-CZ : Czech
da-DK : Danish
nl : Dutch
en-US : English (US)
en-GB : English (GB)
et-EE : Estonian
fi-FI : Finnish
fr-CA : French (Canada)
fr-FR : French (France)
de-DE : German
el-GR : Greek
ht : Haitian Creole
he-IL : Hebrew
hi-IN : Hindi
mww : Hmong Daw
hu-HU : Hungarian
id-ID : Indonesian
it-IT : Italian
ja-JP : Japanese
sw : Kiswahili
ko-KR : Korean
lv-LV : Latvian
lt-LT : Lithuanian
ms-MY : Malay
mt-MT : Maltese
nb-NO : Norwegian
fa-IR : Persian
pl-PL : Polish
pt-BR : Portuguese (BR)
pt-PT : Portuguese (PT)
ro-RO : Romanian
ru-RU : Russian
sr-Cyrl : Serbian (Cyrillic)
sr-Latn : Serbian (Latin)
sk-SK : Slovak
sl-SI : Slovenian
es-AR : Spanish (Argentina)
es-GT : Spanish (Latin America)
es-MX : Spanish (Mexico)
es-ES : Spanish (Spain)
es-US : Spanish (United States)
sv-SE : Swedish
th-TH : Thai
tr-TR : Turkish
uk-UA : Ukrainian
ur-PK : Urdu
vi-VN : Vietnamese
cy : Welsh
yua : Yucatec Maya


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