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Best Translation Memory Software for Enterprises (2024)

In 2024, the best Translation Memory software for enterprises is going to be a secure online tool that simplifies the user experience while using powerful technology in the background to improve productivity. Over the past decade, the translation industry has experienced the advancement of machine translation technology, but there has been a lack of emphasis placed upon improving the user experience within translation memory tools.

Pairaphrase, originally founded by Language Arts & Science, was developed by industry veterans who wanted to solve the world’s translation challenges by creating the top Translation Memory (TM) software for enterprise organizations. This meant that there needed to be an overhaul of the traditional interface that many had become acquainted with, along with a more straight-forward way to create translation memories.

Continue reading to learn why Pairaphrase is the best Translation Memory software for enterprises, and why you should consider making the switch.

Why Pairaphrase is the Best Translation Memory Software for Enterprises

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Reduce the Time Spent on Translations

When you use Pairaphrase, you benefit from the 50% work time reduction that most users report when they translate using the software.

Features such as Dynamic Machine Learning, automatic file formatting, voice-over translation and batch translation for 20+ different file types make it possible for you to grow your revenue. You can offer new services like video voice-overs and formatting of documents while drastically reducing the time spent on translation production.

Save Money by Reducing Translation Time

Pairaphrase is the best Translation Memory system because the cost-reducing features acknowledge that speed is an important factor in translating on behalf of your enterprise company. If you hire a human translator to assist with your translations, reducing time spent on translation means reducing costs.

Put the Focus Back on Your Job

Another reason why Pairaphrase is the best Translation Memory tool is because we take all of the clutter out of the interface and keep it running in the background.

A minimalist interface doesn’t make a Translation Memory platform any less powerful. It makes it smarter. We’re putting the computer to work in the background so that you can focus on producing high-quality translations.

Translating takes mental energy and the last thing you need is unnecessary distractions, even if they’re subconscious.

While you may be used to seeing confusing toolbars in translation software, a lack of these doesn’t equate to you losing power and control. Our product is different in this way from other Translation Memory tools such as Memsource. They are fantastic products, but we’re here to revolutionize translation to improve the way you approach your translation work.

With Pairaphrase, you take back your power by focusing your energy on the creativity and memory jogging that’s required of your profession, further helping your productivity.

Protect Your Client & Customer Information

When you choose Pairaphrase, you protect your clients’ and customers’ sensitive data. All Pairaphrase accounts come with multi factor authentication and encrypted file storage. Additionally, the application scrubs itself clean of translations in addition to running translations over a secure connection (SSL).

What’s more, Pairaphrase is compliant with the following regulations:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry)
  • PHI (Patient Health Information)
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

If that’s not enough, Pairaphrase has undergone a third-party security audit and can provide you with an attestation letter.

Most Translation Memory applications can’t tout these benefits. However, if you choose Pairaphrase you can feel confident your translations and personal data are secure.

In an age of frequent cybersecurity threats, Pairaphrase’s high standard for security will help you take advantage of professional machine translation and cloud computing.

Try Pairaphrase Translation Memory Software Today

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