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Is Translation Software Worth Paying For?

Translation software might be one of the wisest investments you or your company can make for a comparatively inexpensive investment and a light onboarding experience.

We say “might” because there is always a chance that the software goes unused, is a bad match for the user’s intent, or is never properly utilized. So if you’re wondering if translation software is worth paying for, you’re smart for searching for advice before making a purchase.

We carefully developed 11 questions and combined them in an assessment below that will help you determine if you or your company will truly get the most out of a premium language translation solution, or if it will turn out to be a wasted investment.

We understand that you’re here because you have some sort of need for language translation. So no matter what, we will make a recommendation based on what is right for your needs.

Free Translation Software or Paid?

The following questions will help you to determine whether or not you should invest in a paid translation software system or alternatively opt for a free tool.

Keep track of your answers, then add up the points displayed next to each answer once you are done with the assessment. We will give you a recommendation for a course of action based on your total score.

Assessment: Your Translation Software Needs

1. How many people at your company will use the software?
A. More than 25 (3)
B. Five or less (2)
C. Just me (1)

2. How important is it that your translations are of high quality and accuracy?
A. Very important (3)
B. Not very important, but desired (2)
C. Not important (1)

3. How important is security and confidentiality in regards to the data you upload to translation software?
A. Very important (3)
B. Not very important, but it would be nice (2)
C. Not important (1)

4. Do you anticipate that translation will be a long-term need?
A. Definitely (3)
B. It’s likely (2)
C. Probably not (1)

5. What is your approximate monthly budget for translation software?
A. $1,000+ (5)
B. Between $500-$1,000 (4)
C. Between $100-$500 (3)
D. It’s not $0, but preferably less than $100 (2)
E. $0 (1)

6. Do you need to improve your translation workflow or processes?
A. Yes (3)
B. It would be nice, but it’s not crucial (2)
C. No (1)

7. Do you translate (or anticipate) translating the same terms and phrases repeatedly from document to document?
A. Yes, often (4)
B. Sometimes (3)
C. Not really (2)
D. Never (1)

8. Are you willing to work with a human translator that will use the software (even if that person is you or a bilingual colleague)?
A, Yes (3)
B. Maybe (2)
C. No (1)

9. How important is it that your translated files closely match the layout and appearance of the originals?
A. Important (3)
B. It would be nice, but it’s not crucial (2)
C. Not important (1)

10. Is team collaboration and project management important when it comes to translation?
A. Yes (3)
B. It would be nice, but it’s not crucial (2)
C. No (1)

11. Is batch file translation (translating multiple files at once) important?
A. Yes (3)
B. It would be nice, but it’s not crucial (2)
C. No (1)

Your Results

To determine your total score, add up the numbers in parentheses next to each of your responses. Then, find your score and our personalized recommendation below.

Score Guide & Recommendations

Total=36: You’re a definite candidate for premium translation software. You shouldn’t wait any longer to adopt a premium translation platform and you should explore software subscriptions.

Total=20-35: You’re a highly likely candidate for a premium translation solution. You should speak with a software representative who will be helpful in further assessing your needs.

Total=15-19: You might benefit from premium translation application in the future, but you should give yourself more time to evaluate your needs. Take time to document your translation processes and pain points, and survey your colleagues on theirs. This will help you to make an informed decision.

Total=10-14: Your investment in premium translation software would likely go to waste right now. You should consider a free translation tool for the time being.

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