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Best OnlineDocTranslator.com Alternative (2023)

Want the best OnlineDocTranslator.com alternative in 2023 for enterprise use? Or are you simply wondering, “Is OnlineDocTranslator right for my organization?” You’re in luck—plenty of good enterprise alternatives to OnlineDocTranslator.com are available (and secure). 

OnlineDocTranslator is a popular CAT tool. However, there are several reasons you might be searching for an alternative to OnlineDocTranslator. That being said, you should get clear on why exactly you’re looking for a better alternative to OnlineDocTranslator. 

As a result, you won’t adopt another platform that presents the same possible drawbacks you encountered with OnlineDocTranslator.

We’re here to help you do just that!

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In this post, you’ll explore potential OnlineDocTranslator pros and cons, as well as user-specific needs you might identify with. As a result, you can conclude whether alternatives to OnlineDocTranslator could fill these gaps. This will equip you to find the best tool for your needs. 

You’ll also see a recommendation for the best OnlineDocTranslator.com alternative at the bottom of this page.

OnlineDocTranslator.com Alternatives: Top 10 Reasons to Adopt One

1. Is OnlineDocTranslator Safe?

While OnlineDocTranslator uses encryption, they do not claim to be “safe” or “secure.” Therefore, you might consider an alternative to OnlineDocTranslator that guarantees both security and confidentiality. 

Take note that they useAdsense to deliver ads. This means it’s possible they are looking for other revenue streams from user actions. 

While OnlineDocTranslator.com claims it does not store files or content from files in its server for more than 1 hour, it does state that users’ “anonymous document text is processed by Google Translate.”* This is not uncommon, as many CAT tools use Google Translate’s translation engine to process translation data. 

is onlinedoctranslator safe
*Source: https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/en/

However, some online enterprise alternatives to OnlineDocTranslator take extra steps to safeguard your data so that it isn’t returned to the machine translation engine. This is because some machine translation engines reserve the right to index, store or publish your translations.

Want secure, enterprise-level translation software made for organizations? Check out Pairaphrase.

2. Alternatives to OnlineDocTranslator Can Translate More File Types

Do you translate a file type other than Microsoft Office Files, .srt, .pdf and .txt? 

While OnlineDocTranslator also offers .ods, .odp and .odt compatibility, its file support stops there. If you also need to translate InDesign files, XLIFF files, XML, HTML and more, this could indicate you need an alternative to OnlineDocTranslator.

3. You Don’t Need File Conversion

A user might choose OnlineDocTranslator for the file type converter it created. 

This is a helpful feature for users who not only want to use OnlineDocTranslator for translation, but also to convert files from PDF to Word or to turn PDF pages to images. However, these features are accessed through affiliated website links, so you will need to exit OnlineDocTranslator.com to take advantage of them.

Regardless, if your organization doesn’t need these conversion tools, you might choose software without it. Consider the best OnlineDocTranslator.com alternative for your specific translation project needs.

4. You Don’t Need to Split a PDF or Compress Images

OnlineDocTranslator not only offers a PDF to Word converter, it also provides a PDF splitter and an image compressor. This is best for people who need to decrease the size of a PDF or other document in preparation of translating a large file with a translation tool that has file size limits. 

This is a selling point for individuals who need once-off translation using a free translation tool. 

However, if your organization frequently needs to translate large files, it’s better to invest in enterprise translation software that doesn’t have a file size limit. In other words, no PDF splitting required. 

5. You Need Faster Technical Support

OnlineDocTranslator has a contact form on its website to give customers an avenue for providing feedback. However, there doesn’t seem to be a live chat or a help center outside of a handful of FAQ’s.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to tell from their website how quickly you can receive technical support or if it’s possible to receive support if you encounter any issues. If you’re a current user and need to receive faster support than you’ve experienced, you might consider OnlineDocTranslator alternatives.

6. OnlineDocTranslator.com Alternatives Might Translate Larger Files

If alternatives to OnlineDocTranslator.com appeal to you, perhaps you were denied translation service because your file was too big. While OnlineDocTranslator doesn’t claim a specific file size limit, their terms & conditions do state they have the right to deny service to excessively long files.*

is onlinedoctranslator secure
*Source: https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/en/terms

If your company needs to translate large files and can’t bother to keep track of which files can be more than 10MB, your best OnlineDocTranslator.com alternative will be a solution that doesn’t deny translation service due to document size.

7. You Want to Edit Translations 

If you and/or your team want to edit translations directly within the translation software in order to improve translation quality, OnlineDocTranslator doesn’t offer that. This is another top reason to seek an alternative to OnlineDocTranslator.

8. You Want to Save & Reuse Translations 

What’s more, if you want your translation software to save the translations you edit for future reuse, this is not possible in OnlineDocTranslator. Look for an alternative with Translation Memory and machine learning.

9. Your Organization Requires Terminology Management

If your organization values consistency in terminology across content, it will benefit from a strong Terminology Management component. Notably, Online Doc Translator does not have one. So you’ll want to find a better option.

10. You Can Get a Robust Translation API from an OnlineDocTranslator.com Alternative

Premium alternatives to the OnlineDocTranslator API can offer you much more functionality than just raw machine translation, including the following:

  • Scanned PDF support
  • dynamic machine learning
  • automatic file formatting
  • secure copy-and-paste translations
  • batch file translation
  • unlimited requests
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • encrypted file storage and translation 
  • text-to-speech or speech-to-text 

Reasons to Stick with OnlineDocTranslator.com

Despite what you see here, you should do additional research on independent review websites, to see if an OnlineDocTranslator alternative is truly right for your organization.

In some cases, you very well might want to stick with using OnlineDocTranslator for your translation needs.

After all…

  • OnlineDocTranslator is free 
  • It offers an API for raw machine translation
  • It translates Microsoft Office Files & PDF’s (popular file types)
  • It has affiliated tools for file conversion & image compression

Best Alternative to OnlineDocTranslator.com

If any or all of the above reasons resonate with you for wanting an alternative to OnlineDocTranslator.com, use Pairaphrase

It’s the web-based translation management system for enterprises that supports 100+ languages and 20+ file types. Moreover, it’s safe, secure and preserves the layout and formatting of your files.

onlinedoctranslator.com alternative

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