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Multinational Marketing: How to Improve Translations

To improve translations for multinational marketing campaigns, you might be curious about improving the quality of your marketing translations. Or, perhaps you’re concerned about streamlining your translation process so it’s as efficient as possible.

How about a solution to both?

The most well-respected international marketing agencies and departments don’t only focus on solving just one of these challenges. In fact, it requires a considerable investment in time and effort to win the respect of customers outside of a native customer base, so these companies often consider both quality and efficiency.

First, we’ll dive into these important considerations of multinational marketing translations so you can fully grasp the challenges at hand, and then we will suggest a reliable solution.

Concerns Regarding Multinational Marketing Content

Quality – Marketing Messages Cannot Be Translated Word-for-Word

Translating ad or marketing copy is not a mechanical word-for-word process.

Successful multinational companies never treat foreign consumers as a second priority when it comes to marketing and transcreation. The integrity of the messaging in each advertisement, blog post, social media post, brochure, website, etc. must remain intact.

With multinational marketing, there are not only accuracy concerns but also cultural considerations to make.

For example, you couldn’t always use the same color in an ad that is supposed to evoke positive emotions when broadcasting it worldwide (think: color associations vary by culture), just like you couldn’t use the same literal translation from Google Translate for each target language (think: poor quality).


If you’re thinking that high-quality marketing translation must take a considerable amount of time and effort to orchestrate, you’re correct.

It can require days and weeks of human translation to get a message just right. And oftentimes, you need to get ads up and running as quickly as possible at the lowest cost possible. Not to mention companies will oftentimes hire a cultural consultant to check for cultural relevance and sensitivities.

Does this sound time-consuming and expensive? It can be, depending on your approach.

This is why we’re going to tell you how to improve translations for multinational marketing in regards to both quality and efficiency.

Improving the Quality & Efficiency of Multinational Marketing Translations

As mentioned earlier, multinational marketing translation requires significant effort when done right. So why not adopt a solution that helps you achieve improve translation quality and efficiency?

Use the right enterprise translation management system, and we promise you’ll never look back. It can save a significant amount of time, money and effort for marketers who need to produce high-quality multinational marketing content.

Here’s how.

How You Can Improve Multinational Marketing Translations with a Translation Management System

Quality Multinational Marketing Translations
The right translation management system will bring the quality of your multinational marketing translations to a whole new level. Here’s how this type of powerful translation software can improve the translations of your marketing campaigns.

  • Quickly produces a 1st draft translated file that you can edit by text segment
  • Estimates the quality level of each text segment
  • Saves your edits in Translation Memory so that you never need to edit the same word or phrase twice
  • Instantaneously applies these edits to repetitive text segments across a file or batch of files
  • Trains your machine translation to continuously produce better quality translations
  • Continuously improves the quality of your marketing translations

Efficient Multinational Marketing Translations
The right translation management system can do the following:

  • Translate significantly more content in less time
  • Automatically format your output files (produce publishable files in a lot less time)
  • Check your spelling and apply corrections to repetitive errors across a single file or batch of files
  • Quickly translate 24 different types of marketing files, as single files or in batches
  • Quickly translate copy-and-paste text
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Track edit history and revision details for any given file
  • Integrate the translation management system’s API with your content management system (CMS) and other applications to update digital content in real time

Recommended Translation Software for Multinational Marketing

Want to improve your multinational marketing translations or process? Know a company that needs help with this?

Look into Pairaphrase.

Pairaphrase is a web-based translation management system for enterprises that includes all of the capabilities listed above in this article, plus data security, confidentiality and much more.

Schedule a live demo to experience for yourself how Pairaphrase saves hundreds of companies 50% of the time it normally takes to produce high-quality translations. Or, request a free trial.

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