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Need GDPR Compliant Translation Software? Here’s What to Look for.

If you’re looking for GDPR compliant translation software (to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation), this is a smart move for protecting your business, employees and customers.

Thousands of companies upload data every day to translation platforms that don’t meet the minimum requirements for compliance with this new European regulation. And this is a problem, especially because the systems that don’t achieve compliance with GDPR are just as likely to be vulnerable to security threats. This puts their users and their user’s customers at risk.

But don’t worry. As long as you’re aware of what you should check for when shopping for translation software that’s GDPR compliant, you’ll be able to do your due diligence before investing in a solution. And we’re about to tell you exactly what to look for.

What Makes Translation Software GDPR Compliant

1. The Option to Delete Your Account

You might have heard of the phrase “the right to be forgotten.” This has been used during many data-related disputes between individuals and tech companies. But now, it applies to GDPR.

When you look for GDPR compliant translation software, it should include a “Delete Account” button or link in your user profile. Essentially, it should be easy to delete your account. And when you do, it should remove your entire profile, contact information, user history and any data or files you’ve uploaded.

None of your information or files should be stored in the system after you request deletion.
In short, it should be as if you never existed as a subscriber. Payment history might be kept by the company for as long as necessary to be in compliance with IRS regulations and reporting.

It might not be easy to tell if the software allows you to delete all of this information from your account until you make a purchase to access the software, so make sure to reach out to the company to confirm this beforehand.

2. Requires Customer Consent

GDPR compliant translation software will require users to give consent to the processing and storing of their data.

You should check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to find language that clearly lays out what it means to give consent. Oftentimes, your creation of an account or use of the website is an indication of consent as per the Terms of Use of many software companies.

3. GDPR Compliant API Partners

It’s not only important for the translation software you use to be GDPR compliant, but the API’s they use as part of the product’s functionality should also be compliant. This is because those systems will be connected to the software you use, which ultimately means they need to comply with GDPR as well.

4. No Data Selling

A GDPR compliant translation company won’t sell your data to a third party. If this is taking place, the software isn’t considered GDPR compliant. Not sure? You can always write the company to receive verification of this.

To Be Extra Cautious…
Request a copy of the company’s Security Compliance report, which should be available upon request.

Try this GDPR Translation Software

Trusted by hundreds of companies who rely on tight security to keep their data safe and confidential, Pairaphrase has been GDPR compliant as of May 25, 2018.

Pairaphrase is a premium web-based translation management system specifically made for enterprises who are focused on both productivity and security. Our GDPR compliant translation software is known to save more than 50% of the time it normally takes to produce high-quality translations.

With Pairaphrase, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

If you want more information from Pairaphrase on how we remain compliant, please refer to our FAQ’s. Or, you can read our Privacy Policy and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use.

Want to see Pairaphrase in action? Get a live demo.

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