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Best Translation Software for Consulting Firms (2024)

If you need the best translation software for consulting firms and want to make the right decision the first time, you’re in the right place. 

To improve your communication for a global advisory client base, you want a solution that delivers the best features for translating quarterly reports, market insight documentation and research sources. So it’s important to understand the must-have features necessary to warrant the purchase of translation software for consulting firm use. After all, when you provide multiple consulting services for a myriad of industries globally, you want software that will cover all of your company’s language needs.

This is why we compiled a list of 10 must-have features to seek out if you want the best translation software for consulting firms. 

Top 10 Features of the Best Translation Software for Consulting Firms

Do not compromise on the best translation software for consulting firms––yours deserves the best of the best. Therefore, your consultancy should look for the following features in a translation solution.

1. Enterprise-Level Security

By now there have been too many cybersecurity breaches for consulting firms to settle for translation software without the best security imaginable. In this day and age, it’s not merely a luxury–– it’s a non-negotiable standard. When you upload consulting documents to a translation management system, it’s critical that you protect that data with enterprise level security.

Watch the following video to learn what specific security measures to look for.

2. Optimization for Microsoft Office File Formats

You would be hard-pressed to find an enterprise that doesn’t work primarily with Microsoft Office files. So why would you choose anything for your consulting firm but translation software that is optimized for Microsoft Office files? Your firm and your clients will certainly appreciate this. This way, it will take less steps to deliver translated and publishable PowerPoint slide decks, Excel files, Word documents and more.

3. Powerful OCR

Scanned PDF translation is known for being troublesome. It often requires troubleshooting if a PDF is anything short of a high-quality scan from the get-go.

A robust OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine won’t eliminate readability issues stemming from a low-quality PDF. However, your translation software should give you the peace of mind that you’re using the best OCR engine as part of your consulting firm’s translation software tool.

4. Advanced Translation Editing

Machine translation isn’t perfect, but that’s what powers the bulk of your translations when you use translation software. That’s why the best translation software for consulting firms must include advanced translation editing capabilities. 

If you want human-quality translations, you’ll want to be able to edit the machine-translated segments of text to improve their quality, if needed. When paired with Dynamic Machine Learning and Terminology Management, it is the most time-effective and cost-effective way to achieve human-quality level translations. 

Segment history, bookmarking and messaging are examples of other advanced editing capabilities you’ll want included in your software plan or package.

View a quick demonstration of how advanced translation editing works in the videos below:

File translation post-editing:

Other advanced editing tools:

5. Gisting

Sometimes you will want to quickly gist an email, instant message or section of text from a report. In cases like these, your translation software should include a gisting tool. It should allow you to copy and paste a chunk of text and get the “gist.” This will most often be accessed for internal use. 

6. Strong Project Management Capabilities

Translation development rarely happens in a silo. So if you want the best translation software for consulting firms, you need to choose a solution that includes the following:

  • User roles
  • Permissions control
  • Restrict Translation Memory access by group
  • Invite translators and colleagues into the platform from within the interface
  • Contextual instant messaging by project
  • Running log of translation edits with timestamps & usernames

7. Robust API

Your consultancy is undoubtedly no stranger to the benefits of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). So why would you choose translation software without a robust API? When you seamlessly integrate your translation solution with other applications in use across your organization, it helps you improve linguistic quality for source content that exists in databases and apps.

Most translation API’s you see in comparison lists on the web only deliver raw translations. You’ll want features that help you improve and assure the quality of your translations.

The best translation software for a consulting firm will provide an API that gives you the power to improve the quality of translations and deliver real-time updates to your texts, regardless of where they live.

8. Web-Based Access

The business world is shifting toward web-based, and that includes software programs. Unless your firm wants to deal with bugs, update installation, downtime and hefty licensing fees and restrictions, it’s best to choose web-based translation software. This way, your team can grow and effortlessly collaborate on translations from any device or location. 

9. Ease of Use

Top translation software solutions for consulting firms are intuitive, yet powerful––with almost zero learning curve. Don’t sacrifice intelligence, functionality and security, but keep in mind the user interface should always enhance productivity for you and your team––not create additional steps. 

In summary, avoid translation software that:

  • Has buttons that aren’t intuitive
  • Requires multiple clicks to perform one function
  • Includes toolbars you need to learn
  • Increases onboarding complexity and delays

10. Live Human Support

Last but not least, the best translation software for consulting firms will include live human support. After all, you pay for a premium solution––why shouldn’t you receive top-notch support?

*Bonus Feature: Speech-to-Speech Translator*

For in-person conversations with foreign colleagues and clients, a speech-to-text and text-to-speech translator feature is a major plus. This particularly applies to management consulting firms who frequently meet on site with clients. Look for an integrated translator tool that transcribes (with editing capabilities), translates and creates a digital paper trail of conversations for download.

Suggested Translation Software for Consultancy

If you want the best translation software for consulting firms with all the capabilities and traits listed above, try Pairaphrase

Pairaphrase is a web-based translation management system for enterprise companies who want to translate smarter, faster and safer.

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