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Best Translation API for Secure Translations

The best translation API you could choose in 2021 is one that adds value to your app with layers of security for your users. Most cloud translation API’s don’t provide your app with enough security—and this is needed now more than ever in the age of growing cybersecurity threats.

Read on to learn why the existing security standards in most cloud translation API’s are inadequate for protecting user data, and learn about the best translation API for secure translations.

Cloud Translation API’s & Security Threats

While you can find several cloud translation platforms that run translations through a secure connection (HTTPS), this alone doesn’t quite make the cut for user data security in 2021 and beyond. The best translation API you could choose will do more than use HTTPS protocol.

What’s more, it’s important to look at the Terms of Use of a translation tool. Unless the Terms of Use claim that the tool won’t repurpose a user’s translation data entered into their software, the user cannot consider their translation experience to be 100% confidential.

To illustrate this point, let’s say a translation app states that they have the right to leverage user translation data for other purposes. This means that anytime a user enters data into the translation tool, this information may be stored, indexed, shared or even repurposed for the company’s own uses.

For instance, Google’s Terms of Service states the following in regard to its services such as Google Translate:

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If you read the Terms of Use for a translation API and it makes you think twice, we suggest you consider shopping around for other translation API’s.

What’s the Best Translation API for Data Security?

Pairaphrase has the best cloud translation API available on the market in terms of security, machine intelligence, speed and quality. It’s a premium translation solution that delivers more than just raw translations.

Pairaphrase encompasses all of the following security elements (plus more), which are important to look for when choosing a translation API.

Best Translation API Security Elements


A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection should be considered a baseline security measure in a cloud translation API.

When you use a translation API, all requests should be made over a primary API URL that begins with HTTPS. This means that any nonsecure requests should be automatically rejected. We always recommend establishing a test connection with the secure API entry point before sending sensitive data.

2. Encrypted Documents

Files uploaded for translation through a cloud translation tool should not be stored locally.

The best translation API will use a third party service such as Amazon Web Services to encrypt and store these documents. There is a wealth of private data in files, and it’s best to not use an API from a translation platform that stores these locally.

3. Terms of Use That Protect User Data

The best translation API will not only include competitive functionality, but it will also protect your app users with the translation app’s Terms of Use.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, companies may include wording in their Terms of Use that put your users’ data at risk by allowing the company to share or index their data. Read the Terms of Use thoroughly as part of the process for choosing the best translation API for your app.

4. Allows Users Control Over Their Data

A good translation app will allow users control over any data that is stored in their accounts, including their personal Translation Memory bank. Translation Memory is what allows some translation platforms to learn a user’s words and phrases so that the user never needs to translate the same word or sentence twice.

The translation API you use to develop your web or desktop app should give users the power to permanently delete any translations they have performed.

5. PCI-Compliant Payment Processing

PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) states that all companies processing credit card information maintain a secure environment. The translation API you integrate into your app or website should comply with these standards.

Learn More About the Best Translation API Available

In addition to high security, Pairaphrase delivers an unparalleled B2B translation experience using innovative technology such as the following. These capabilities put powerful translation technology into the hands of everyday business users:

Learn more about what makes Pairaphrase unique and how our translation API will protect your users while improving their translation workflow. You can do this by visiting our translation API page or by watching the video below.

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