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Best Microsoft Document Translator for MS Office Files

Want the best Microsoft document translator for MS Office files?

As an enterprise company, it’s smart to use a translation app that’s specifically optimized for Microsoft Office documents. Aside from the fact that you will save time using a top quality translation tool made for the way you work, you will also find that your process is improved. This means less headache and more efficient translations.

When we developed Pairaphrase, we built it first and foremost for Microsoft Office users. This is because most enterprise companies that need efficient, high-quality translations also use MS office. And translating in Microsoft Office 365 apps isn’t the most productive way to translate.

Here are 10 reasons why Pairaphrase is the best MS Office document translator software. 

Why Pairaphrase is the Best Translator for MS Office Documents

1. Best Translator App Optimized for MS Office Files

When you translate with Pairaphrase, your company benefits from software that was made for Microsoft Office files. Thousands of MS Office files were translated during the development of Pairaphrase. As a result, we think you’ll agree with us that Pairaphrase is the #1 choice. 

The MS Office files you work with in your day-to-day will be compatible for upload to the translator. After translation, you can also download the files into their original MS Office format. So whether you work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook emails, Pairaphrase makes it easy.

2. Easy to Use

Pairaphrase is an easy-to-use document translator for MS Office files, and this means that the time your team spends learning the interface is next to zero. The platform is intuitive and smart with a minimalist aesthetic, yet it runs on powerful technology. So no matter how often your company needs to translate files, you and your colleagues will benefit from time savings due to its ease of use.

3. Enterprise Level Security

In 2021, data security and privacy are topics you literally can’t afford to ignore. Breaches are costly to your company’s reputation and its bottom line. When you use Pairaphrase, you keep your company’s data secure and confidential. Just check out the enterprise-level security measures we use to protect your data and personal information.

4. AI Helps You Improve Your Microsoft Office File Translations

Do you ever wish artificial intelligence could be used for completing your day-to-day tasks? While Pairaphrase can’t type your TPS reports for you, it does use AI to help you train the machine translation engine within your Pairaphrase account. This means you achieve continuous quality improvements and reusable translations with the help of machine learning.

Learn more about this in our video below.

5. Editing

When you upload an MS document for translation, Pairaphrase will give you a first-draft translation. This means your file was run through machine translation while applying any exact or fuzzy matches from your translation memory. This simultaneously reduces hours worked and drastically improves your translations.

You have the ability to edit segments in the Translation Editor, which you can save to create translation memories.

6. Doesn’t Require Installation or Updates

Pairaphrase is one of the few Microsoft document translators that doesn’t require you to install a program on your computer. Because it’s a secure web-based platform, it doesn’t cause you to experience downtime due to updates or bug fixes.

This means you get less disruptions to your work, which means better productivity and translation turnaround times.

7. Smart Team Collaboration

Document translation is rarely a single-person activity. Communication is often necessary between all parties to achieve high-quality translations that communicate the original intent of the document in the target language. 

With features such as sms messaging and bookmarking, Pairaphrase is the best Microsoft document translator because it facilitates smart team collaboration. You’ll review and approve translations faster than ever. 

8. Translate Microsoft Office Files To Audio

The ability to convert text to audio is another reason Pairaphrase is a top Microsoft Office file translation tool. For instance, you can upload a script that’s typed in Word or Excel file and download an audio file (WAV or MP3) of your script being spoken by a synthetic male or female voice. You can either get a translation or generate audio in your source language.

This is helpful for producing foreign language voice overs, video narration, eLearning translation and more.

9. Compliance

If you work in a highly-regulated sector, Pairaphrase might be the best Microsoft Office document translator for you based on the single fact that it helps you with compliance. When you use Pairaphrase, you can rest assured we help you comply with GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Pairaphrase is third-party audited and tested. 

10. Live Human Support

Pairaphrase is a top Microsoft document translator that comes with 24/7 live human support. As an enterprise customer, you deserve live support when you need help. After all, you’re investing in a productivity tool. CAT tools can require technical assistance, so this is an important consideration.

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