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Best Google Translate Alternative for Enterprises (2024)

Want the best Google Translate alternative for translating entire files for your organization? If you discovered Google’s translator tool doesn’t quite suit your professional translation needs, you’re in the right place.

First, we’ll discuss the top reasons you might consider a better alternative to Google Translate for enterprise use. Then we’ll recommend an alternative to Google Translate for enterprises at the end of this post.

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What’s the Best Free Alternative to Google Translate?

It’s so easy to use Google Translate, alternatives are not often considered by translators or organizations. After all, why pay for something if you can get it for free, right?

If you want to find a free alternative to Google Translate, you can try Microsoft Translator, DeepL or another “free doc translator” online. For enterprise-level software, choose a premium Google Translate alternative such as Pairaphrase.

Regardless, you should define why exactly you need a Google Translate alternative. For example, if file size limitations are the culprit or you’re worried about security, using another free translator might not solve your problem.

Why Consider Premium Alternatives to Google Translate?

Consider this: paid options for machine-assisted translation software might be one of the best investments you could make for your career or business.

Compared to Google Translate, alternatives can be much more flexible, reliable, secure with more features and functionality. It depends on the option you choose.

Upfront you will need to invest some money, but the extra features offered by premium translation software will pay for themselves tenfold. 

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Google Translate Alternative: Top 10 Reasons You Need One

1. Alternatives to Google Translate allow engine training

One of the most common reasons people search for the best Google Translate alternative is its functional limitations.

For example, there’s no way for you to train Google’s machine translation engine to produce better translations (when you use Google Translate on its own).

Training a machine translation engine to use your words and phrases can drastically improve machine translation quality. With some upfront investment in time by your users, you can significantly improve the initial translation quality you get. As time goes on, you will put in less-and-less effort to produce high-quality translations.

It’s easy to see why one would search for a better alternative to Google Translate, especially an enterprise business.

Learn about training your machine translation engine in the 2-minute video below.

2. Limited file types & sizes supported

Do you need to translate InDesign files? What about scanned PDF translationGoogle Translate’s free app supports only .docx (Word), .pdf (PDF), .xlsx (Excel). and .pptx translation. Furthermore, the free version of Google Translate has a 10MB file size limit for all the aforementioned formats.

PDF translation with Google Translate is limited to 300 pages.

3. Your data might not be secure or private

One very good reason to want the best alternative to Google Translate is the protection of your data. Did you know that when you use Google Translate, you give Google the right to store, publish and share your text?

While this might be okay if you’re just translating a restaurant menu as a traveler, it might lead to some serious issues if you need to translate confidential information as a business. 

A Google Translate alternative can offer a more secure platform, including “no-return” functionality that scrubs your data clean, that doesn’t compromise your risk management policies and keeps users data secure.

4. Not an enterprise translation solution

Google Translate offers a rudimentary interface and basic functionality. It’s missing a lot of features that enterprises typically need. Google Translate is great for travelers and for personal use. Its lack of a Translation Editor, lack of user collaboration features and its terms and conditions alone mean it’s not an enterprise translation solution.

Some Google Translate alternatives offer enterprise-level security and functionality that will help you produce translations faster, easier and help you save a significant amount of money.

5. Google Translate alternatives keep the formatting

For many companies, time is of the essence. That’s often the main reason why businesses look to computer-assisted translation (CAT) in the first place. 

With just a few clicks or taps, text in your target language appears before your eyes when you use Google Translate. But then, you must undertake the tedious task of reformatting your file, reintroducing line breaks and images, re-adding the headlines and proper fonts. What if this could all be done for you?

Google Translate can’t do that, but good alternatives sure can. Not only can a paid translation software system translate a document and preserve the formatting of your text, but you can translate files directly, foregoing the copy-and-pasting altogether.

6. You want spellcheck

And it doesn’t stop there: premium software can even run your document through spellcheck for you, eliminating the need to proofread for basic errors. Take it a step further and find translation software with dynamic spellcheck to replace all repetitions of one typo with just one click.

7. Text to speech translations would be nice

What if you could take a text and, within seconds, convert it into audio in another language? A Google Translate alternative can even offer a text-to-speech translation output, which may come in very handy if you need to produce audio-visual material for training or other purposes.

8. Your company requires terminology management

Google Translate alternatives frequently offer terminology management. The ability to upload a term base  to your translation software means you can achieve consistency by using company-approved terms that you can lookup in your glossary. 

9.  Translation project collaboration

With a Google Translate alternative, you can do more than edit the machine translation and save it. You can also collaborate on documents with a team, track your changes (including the date, time stamp, editor’s name, and a record of what was changed). 

10. Premium customer support

To top it off, if anything goes wrong, several paid translation alternatives to Google Translate have a dedicated team of staff members available 24/7 to help you. 

Google Translate API Alternative

Paid alternatives to the Google Translate API are still much further ahead in functionality. Premium translation API’s can offer more power than Google Translate, including the following:

  • text-to-speech or speech-to-text 
  • dynamic machine learning
  • automatic file formatting
  • secure copy-and-paste translations
  • batch file translation
  • unlimited requests
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • encrypted file storage and translation 

Imagine being able to implement all this in your website, application, or software! Whatever your intended use for the API is, a premium alternative will have it covered. 

In the end, it all comes down to your purpose. 

Depending on the CAT tool you choose, it can save you time, money, and effort — or it can cost you a bit more. Pairaphrase shows you what you can get from a Google Translate API alternative in the video below.

Best Google Translate Alternative

If you’re searching for the best Google Translate alternative online with the intent to find a robust, powerful and easy-to-use CAT tool, use Pairaphrase. It has all the capabilities listed above that Google Translate doesn’t have, plus more.

Pairaphrase is a web-based software that supports more than 100 languages and 10,000+ language pairs. It’s a better Google Translate alternative that translates Spanish, English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and more. What’s more, Pairaphrase is compatible with 22+ file types.

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