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Private Cloud and On-Site Hosting

Enhanced Security Document Translation Software

Introducing safe and secure document translation software from Pairaphrase. In addition to the high-level security features included in every Pairaphrase plan, our cloud-based translation platform offers additional privacy options:

  1. Delivery on your own off-site private cloud with your own branding
  2. On-site installation and delivery on your own network
  3. Customization for your organization and configuration with all or some features
  4. Custom URL

What’s Included with Private Cloud & On-Site Hosting

Private cloud and on-site hosting offers organizations an even higher level of security for their language translation needs. Pairaphrase provides monthly service level agreements to cover technical support, bug fixes and upgrades for Pairaphrase document translation software.

document translation softwareWith off-site private cloud and on-site hosting you get:

Who Uses Private Cloud & On-Site Hosting

Both off-site private cloud and on-site hosting offer greater security, more flexibility and lower user costs. These options are ideal for larger organizations or for those organizations such as law firms, government, medical and financial services companies where the highest levels of security are needed.

Contact us today to learn how a private cloud and on-site hosting of our document translation software can deliver secure translation services to your organization.

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